The Saga of Tanya the Oval #08 — Pre-Geneva Conventions

March 3rd, 2017

I still don't get the flying robo horses.


No matter how much characters might say that they're totally in between a rock and a hard place this time, they're still merrily charging out and running roughshod over everything in their way. Everything 'bad' happens offscreen and is delivered by report. That kind of approach might sort of fly for a video game where the player themself is the agent of destruction unleashed upon the foe after some halfassed claptrap about Bowser kidnapping someone or the Evil Empire capturing The Glorious Capital, but it's still not flying here. One guy got shot at the start, and then we had a CGI flyby of buildings. That was it. That was their entire 'struggle' before they turned everything around and were back on the side of curbstomping again, the enemy fleeing helplessly before them.

And of course, there's still really only about one important character and about one and a half consistently recurring faces in the audience doing little more than existing. And any kind of developing overarching story? You can forget that crap right now. I guess at least Tanya was sort of evil this week, but it was the lawful lazy version of evil of firing on civilians under the flimsy justifications of "They're not on our side" and "our superiors told us to." There was an entire goddamned speech about it. Neither thing exactly screams that she's the master of her fate and author of the story, nor even brutally efficient, merely like a billion other Japanese protagonists, completely apathetic. Go team.

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  • The Phantom says:

    This series lost its charm, is boring I rather watch Konosuba that one never fails to make me laugh.