Little Witch Academia #06 — “Magic’s Not That Great”

February 12th, 2017


"No! Magic's the greatest ever!"


Thus did another insipid 'conflict' drive this episode between Akko and visiting supposed hunk. It's a good thing there was a random bear too, or this episode would've just been some screaming about how great magic is, and a montage of the wonderment of magic. The real kicker is that Akko continued to not learn a goddamned thing. Her takeaway from the montage was "I really really want to do magic." Not that she's going to actually start putting in effort. Not that she's going to take things seriously. Not to stop trying to take shortcuts. Just "Wow. I was right, but I never realized how right I was, and I'm moved to tears by it." But I guess it was Chariot ex machina this time instead of Diana ex machina. Way to mix things up and keep 'em fresh, Trigger!


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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • v1cious says:

    I’m very surprised you didn’t like this episode, as it addressed your biggest complaint. Akko finally has to work for something, instead cheating.

  • algorithm says:

    So Akko finally realized that she needs to put effort into things which of course means that the episode ends with her still being unable to get basic magic right.

  • Neclord X says:

    Since day one this show have been lost and I’m kind of glad they started to address that.

    The ovas were nice, but for the TV version they just took Ako and her “dream and magic speech” and go with that to the extreme to the point the character almost look like a parody of herself.

    Until now all the show has been Ako saying how fantastic is magic and how hard you have to belive while doing nothing but shout and complaining about everything and everyone and demonizing the other characters for thinking solutions for the problems and actually studiying magic.

    Although finally it looks like there is some improvement on her persona. That being said its not exactly good that it took half the series just to get to the point the series should have started. And that being optimistic and assuming the changes on Akko meant something, because we can’t discard the next week she will regress to her annoying self.

  • residentgrigo says:

    The 1st OVA was alright. This though (i jumped off early) and the 2nd ova are just an excuse to throw a great animation team on another loud moe circle jerk that will fill 2 cours with 5 episodes worth of content.

    The first half of KLK and surprisingly enough Ninja Slayer were fun, the rest are a frustrating waste of time. Khara and Gainax are borderline dead too. Urgh.