Chain Chronicle #07 — Sleep At the Inn To Regain Full Health

February 18th, 2017


Oh boy. Yet another episode of speeches about friendship.


Welp, since Yuri didn't actually kill that guy, just apparently took him out of action for a little while and he'll be back on his feet just as soon as he visits the church, this fall into utter dark despair is even goddamned stupider. And only further stupidity was to come with speeches about FRIIIIIEEEENNNNNNDSHIP. Which was enough to make the warhungry demon-samurai to back down, not to mention make everyone gasp at the depth of his emotions. Because he said friendship is awesome. And Yuri is super friendship prime or something. 

Those steps backward were about all that this episode 'accomplished.' The second half of the episode had yet more speeches about friendship and flashbacks to demonstrate the origin story of friendship. I guess there was a bunch more prophecy crap, but I'm pretty sure that we never found out what the deal was with the last Artifact of Ultimate Prophecy that they spent a third of an episode faffing over. Probably the pay to win scheme of the cellphone game this all comes from.


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  • Germanguy says:

    The Story and all stuff aside, i must admit that i love to see this level of Detail of this faces and Person. I love it, but also know the down sight of these beauties. Time and Money