Akiba’s Trip #06 — Weird Science

February 8th, 2017

An unusable, obnoxious interface is what all computer.nerds dream of.


The height of the humor of this episode came from the poor girl dressed up like a sheep giving the stink-eye to their nonsense at the start. It was another iteration of well-worn ground without actually doing anything with it… at least when it wasn't just flagrantly wasting time. They hold up everything to make up some random character and explain his gimmick, and… that's it. The end. He's never seen again. It's not even a humorous gimmick. It was supposedly to solve an issue that never existed, and all it accomplished was chewing up some screen time.

But anyway, another episode of "well-worn premise, zero effort in execution." No army of Lucy Liu-bots running wild, no murderously jealous Skynet-bot, no magical missiles because an electrode touched a magazine page, nothing. Nada. El zilcho. The most they seemed to be able to muster is "She said she hacked a lock, but she actually picked it." Perhaps not as unbelievably godawful as the expositionfest of last week, but all we got instead was a montage and some lowest common computer references, like… computers overheat, or the monster is a computer, and computers can be unplugged.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Neclord X says:

    “An unusable, obnoxious interface is what all computer.nerds dream of”

    I know you are trying being sarcastic, however you ended saying a big truth XD