The Magical Girl Creation Project #11 — Mass Hallucinations

December 10th, 2016


There must be something in the water.

I, uh… may have forgotten to hit "Publish" before I left to run errands.


Oho, they mixed things up this time. They waited until after the dumb dog's head had been mostly cut off to shove in the flashback explaining her horrible past of disappointing people despite trying her bestest but being the loneliest. Cranberry also got holed without much in the way of a backstory; just that she was hanging around from some other game of Magical Girl Survivor. Way to keep things fresh, guys. Unfortunately, most of the rest of the first half was spent on spitting out yet more random mechanics from nowhere, because the random widgets they handed out with the last set of new rules were so important and could've have been replaced at all with them just using their powers, minor coincidence, or a sharp stick.

This unfortunately leaves things with three of the weakest characters, two angstblobs who spend things angsting, and one boring imbecile to pretend to be the antagonist of the story. Even she spent most of it having flashbacks reiterating her deal with being a big girl. All this was leading up to… Angsto #2 overcoming and/or giving in to her angst hallucinations, getting an elaborate transformation sequence, and going out to do something. How exciting. Eleven episodes in and still waiting for the nominal protagonist to respond to the call to action in any way whatsoever. Kind of expecting the other two to kill each other at this point and her to 'win' by default, having done absolutely nothing in this story at all except exist, and even that's debatable.

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  • algorithm says:

    Where’s the review for the DAMEDAMEDAMEDAME movie?

  • arknoir says:

    Cranberry be trolling she alive. No death flashback, no die!