The Magical Girl Creation Project #10 — “I Forgot I Had Powers”

December 3rd, 2016


Rarr! Bullying!


What happened here, guys? The past few episodes have been frustrating, but that's because they were showing what the whole thing could've been. This one, however, was just an abject mess. For starters, at least half of it was flashbacks, and not even passable ones at that. And remember how I said that Swim Swim's death would come from the writers spontaneously going "Oops, forgot to use her power"? Well, turns out that's how they decided to off Alice instead, and then have a flashback explaining it. It'd be one thing if she was caught by complete surprise, but nope. Stalked from the front, and then chased down in the middle of a crowd with a giant scythe. They didn't even tie it to Snow White's temper tantrum to make her realize that she's dicking up by refusing to face the situation she's in. Just more and more angst for her.

And that just lead into flashbacks for the twins, and since these things have become the epitome of predictable, the other twin was immediately and unceremoniously offed by Cranberry, the one character left in the show I don't wish had been messily killed six episodes ago, the moment she got within ten feet of her thanks to her magical elf powers.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ll agree with you that the anime didn’t convey Alice’s death very well. There were a few factors at work here:

    1) As the anime referenced, transforming in front of normal people is grounds for FAM to take away your powers (Instant Death). Originally, Swim Swim called out from behind Alice to confirm her identity.

    2) Magical Girls move at a speed which humans cannot react to. If Alice reached for her phone after seeing her murderer then she would still instantly die before being able to transform, before even touching the phone in her pocket. The anime made it look like Alice had plenty of time to react and she didn’t at all.

    3) The Rabbit Foot granted Alice’s wish to see/warn Snow White in the end, the only reason she didn’t instantly die. I’ll give you credit here “not being able to focus” is a pretty shitty reason if you’re still able to act out a dramatic death scene for your magical messiah.