The Magical Girl Creation Project #09 — The Culling

November 26th, 2016


Meanwhile, Cranberry's just hanging out somewhere offscreen.


Speaking of irrelevant protagonists… Certainly one of this show's strongest epsiodes, especially Ripple and Mary's fight. Swim Swim, however, continues to be godawful. She served her point betraying Whose-Its, and even Whose-Its was a better character than her. She's just a remarkably boring antagonist with none of the flair of Mary or Cranberry, and her power is basically a duplicate of Alice, except she'll spontaneously forget to use it when the writers decide that they're finally tired of her. Her killing of Top Speed didn't even make an iota of sense, let alone while the latter was busy jubilantly celebrating murdering someone. A little consistency, if you would, guys.

Nana also took a delayed exit by killing herself. Why that didn't happen in the previous episode so it was actually connected to her girlfriend, the world will never know. Christ, it wasn't even connected to anything here, being the bookends of the episode with her two appearances at the start and end, to show her drunk and self-medicating, followed twenty minutes later by hopping into the noose.

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  • The Phantom says:

    Where did those Strike the blood II episodes came from? are they from next season and got leaked somehow?