The Magical Girl Creation Project #08 — Flashback Clearing House

November 19th, 2016


Someone kill the other angel and the dog already.


The refrain for this show, "continues to frustrate," continues. A bloodbath of a start, giving way to an obnoxious parade of flashbacks covering the origin stories of a few more characters. Hell, one of them came in mid-dismemberment, but since Winterprison has no actual personality or use outside of Nana, she doesn't get her own full fledged flashback. Stop interrupting goddamned events that I'm on the cusp of enjoying to pitch sappy saccharine nonsense as an eleventh hour "You thought it sucked, but IT'S SO MUCH WORSE THAN THAT." Less is more, Japan. Except when it comes to bloodshed. Especially when I have absolutely no faith that most of these characters won't be coming back to life in the end because the protagonist believes extra hard in friendship magic like approximately 99% of these shows do. Let me get lost in the gory moments at the very least.

Winterprison also jobbed pretty hard, both before and after crushing the head of one of the obnoxious twins. First, she literally watched them take the form of Nana and then was shocked… SHOCKED… when the fake one stabbed her in the gut. And then after having an arm cut off, she just kind of fell over and was done. At least make it messy or stick that glaive halfway into her gut. A little spurt of blood, staring in horror and then "oops, guess I'm dead" didn't cut it. Isn't Nana's power supposed to be magical steroids anyway? Did we all just forgoet about that? And this was after holding her own against Gun-Haver. I think the animation budget probably simply gave out.

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  • Why says:

    What reason do you have to through the effort of watching all of these bad shows, take screenshots of them, and write posts talking about how bad they are?