The Magical Girl Creation Project #07 — Overkill

November 12th, 2016


Although technically, it's only overkill if it works.


Can't accuse Mary of not at least trying to be thorough, even if it still didn't take. Would that the rest of the episode continued in that manner. Instead, it diverted into Ripple's stuff, which has traditionally been the sign that she's about to bite it. That segment about her being sexually assaulted by everyone under the sun and suffering for fighting back hits a particularly uncomfortable and raw nerve given… recent political events, and I'm honestly not really certain what the point of it was even if they were going to off her this week. Aside from that, all she got was a little bit where she sort of half-talked about her awful personal life to her buddy.

I'm also having a hard time taking their attempts to make Alice out to be a terrifying presence. So far, she's been entirely reactive to all the excessive violence and beheadings tossed her way and has otherwise done nothing worse than eat up screen time standing around. But that doesn't keep the spooky music from blaring whenever she's on screen and the camera twisting itself into the worst dutch angles possible.

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  • jingoi says:

    Even here I can’t escape to reminder of that massively stupid decision. Fucking robber barons got the keys again.