The Magical Girl Creation Project #06 — Bloody Messes

November 5th, 2016


Look who decided to add some blood to their show and went crazy with it.

Reminder: Daylight savings screws with the relative time things are airing if you live anywhere that observes it.


Another frustrating episode that showed both what it could be, and what it's most definitely not being for 75+% of its screen time. I especially don't understand why this show keeps killing off the characters who have interesting powers and/or are willing to engage instead of mope. They do understand that eventually they're going to be left with nothing but the dregs, right? Pucelle's whole death bit was also all over the place, from the intro-bit on the robot girl having absolutely nothing to do with anything else in the episode, to him flipping out about how Cranberry's not being enough of a magical girl after trying to vivisect her with a twenty foot sword just because he got a little bloody, to the pre-death postmortem montage, immediately followed by slashing Cranberry in a giant shower of blood which actually turned out to be just a light scratch and inconvenienced her in no way whatsoever.

The rest of the episode was almost all downhill from there. A lot of exposition about some unneeded new mechanics (with shocked reactions and shaking camera to show the dramaticness of them!) and the like before the robot got offed in the closing seconds from being gutted from behind by the girl they just sliced into a pile of meat. So if you're keeping track of the robot's contributions to the show, it was some dumb comedy last week, an intro bit this week, and then dying. Two of those did nothing but undermine the third.

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  • Paulo27 says:

    At least the worst seiyuu in the industry is off the show.