The Magical Girl Creation Plan #05 — Halfwit Shopping Special

October 29th, 2016


Just let the elf blow some people up.


The key thing that made last week's episode much better is that there was a character actually out to do something and acting to make it happen. So much of the rest of the show is just them kind of bumming around, waiting for something to happen. The ensemble cast routine could certainly work, but it needs to be done through characters being proactive in the situation. And for god's sake, when they're trying to claim that it's a life and death situation, magical girl against magical girl in a bloody struggle to the death, then for the love of god, please do not have a whole comical bit between an idiot nun girl and a moronic robot. Anything you might be accomplishing elsewhere is being ground into a bloody stump by that.

And it makes the parts where it does come alive all the more frustrating. If the entire show was more centered on things like Winterprison fighting the elf-girl, things would be great. Still not a fantastic fight scene, but competent enough, and like the trampoline sword, even showed some basic creativity with the combo shoulder-throw into ground-wall uppercut. Please please please. More of that. Less whining, hugs, "oh no, our hands touched," and bad comedy routines about what morons these characters are. At least if you do that, provide the catharsis of blowing the moron's head off and impaling its enabling girlfriend on a very large stalagmite.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Paulo27 says:

    So many characters that need to die asap in this show. God, how hard would it be to make a likable cast so I could actually care about who dies?

  • Opulent Rag says:

    So A, I’m guessing you’ve found your five shows for the season, with some of most obviously bad crap running. I was hoping to see how come you gave these a shot, rather than say, Bloodivores or Drifters. Any better? Ehhhhhh, barely, but at least there not (terribly and) deceitfully boring.