The Magical Girl Creation Plan #04 — Trampoline Sword

October 22nd, 2016


Must be Chinese steel.


That's a bit more like it, especially Pucelle's various uses of her power to manipulate his sword's size. Not that the first half was perfect by any means. Even if the director showed up to work, the budget was still clearly lacking and all the yelling and weird nonsense about needing more time for the candy transferring like it was all or nothing was dumb at best, and only got worse with the greater reveal of plots within plots, and triply so when it ended with Ruler falling to Gun-Haver at the halfway point. What was even the purpose of the supervillain setup opening bit then? All she did after that was yell about other people not doing things fast enough and die. Rarr rarr. Everybody but me's so stupid. And then she's easily outwitted by halfwits in her first major outing while the giggling Wonder Twins stick around. Fantastic. Like the dream girl, there was some real potential with her and her power to cast doubt about loyalties and whatnot that definitely aren't there with "makes holes", but I guess we're just not going to do any of that.

Otherwise, not a lot to talk about. One got killed. The first half was solid enough. Probably the least bad episode yet. Protagonist's continued angst was unwelcome, but at least not a lot of time was spent on it. They might as well hang a "sacrifice me" sign around Pucelle's neck too, because lord knows they couldn't trumpet that any harder.

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