Izetta #04 — Going Down the Checklist

October 22nd, 2016


Oh boy. Groping, cutesy maids, and angsty flashbacks not held up by present events.


Since they overspent on the budget last week, all they had left to rely on this week was the godaful writing, so it should come as no great shock that the overriding theme of the episode was "lol boobs." 'Hilarious' statue boobs. 'Hilarious' new costumes with gigantic boob windows. 'Hilarious' random women popping up to literally do nothing but grope boobs. 'Hilarious' shocked expressions of the princess's retinue of spunky attendants at boobs. So on and goddamned so forth. Its only attempt at any kind of seriousness outside the opening crying scene and continued ongoing dry and dull exposition about… you know… stuff somewhere that maybe we'll get to someday which could've easily been replaced by "war continues to war", was another edition in the ongoing "Princess Is Jesus" miniseries, this time showing off the prejudice and fear people have towards witches and how Jesusette sacrificed herself to protect Izetta. Sure, the random mooks have done nothing but cheer and celebrate her every time she's used magic in the story thus far, but angst! I know it's low-hanging fruit, writers, but at least stop for a moment and think about what you've already done.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Paulo27 says:

    Don’t worry, I’m sure at some point they’ll throw in a random person who gets scared by her and everyone stones them to show how accepting they are and she’ll get all emotional that people are standing up for her eventhough no one has really said anything yet.
    That and when the bad guys start going “witch!” and the good guys go “she’s not a witch!” I woder what will influence their opinions at that point.