Maid Boy #01 — Child Enslavement

April 7th, 2016


At least the show with the crocodile and enslaved maids understood who the jackasses were.


Right back to total banality we go, with a dash of yet more predatory incest. You can't just have a character pan for the camera, throw up some flowers, sparklies, or grumpy text, and call that a joke. And even if you did, this delivers the poor attempts at humor infrequently and half-heartedly. This even has problems getting the characters to interact with each other, often opting instead to have one or the other describe what has just been shown, although sometimes it's hard to tell with the violins screaming bloody murder over top of the vocals at times.

The main joke that tries to carry most of the episode is "a boy is a clean freak" with "his uncle keeps doing inappropriate things to him." But it also wants to feel the warm and fuzzies of their relationship because, uh… hell if I know, really. I think they included that stuff for the same reason they included the 'jokes,' out of a recognition that some better show did it so they need to include them too to go with their hilarious "A boy… but he's a maid" premise. This episode would've struggled to fill 5 minutes with content, so at 22 minutes, look forward to blank space, blank space, and more blank space. 

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  • Anonymous says:

    it was ok, I just hope his uncle is not also his father and that is not why his mom got kicked out.