Pandora in the Crimson Shell #11 — Talk is Cheap

March 18th, 2016


Animation is expensive. That's why there's so much of one, and not the other.


This was an episode practically made of padding and stupidity, more the former than the latter, but certainly plenty of both. The whole cyberspace bit at the start was the biggest abuse and yet another in this season's interminable need to explain every little thing, no matter how obvious or trivial. Instead of just appearing as herself in cyberspace, we had to have an explanation about how she had to appear as herself. Instead of just going wherever, they had to spawn an arrow and explain that arrows are supposed to be followed. And so she followed it… on the only path available. Christ. They had to explain not to touch the spikey things because they're dangerous, at which point they literally immediately vanish and are no longer part of anything. Thus passed the entire goddamned  first half.

After that fantastic display of nothingness, we get a particularly long and drawn out speech about how the evil plan is world peace through conquering it with a superweapon. That's his plan. Get super weapon. Rule world. Even Stromberg's plan to destroy the world to create a new Atlantis had more thought put into it, and yet, that literally took two minutes to go through. The most cliche bit of nonsensical stupidity, and they spent 10% of the episode explaining it. Followed by, and I am not kidding here, three and a half goddamned minutes of Friendship Is Magic®, all leading up to the cliffhanger that they be fighting Jaws again, but this time, together. Boy, these last two episodes sure have gone goddamned places. All the way back to where we were a couple episodes ago, but now, with Frienship Power.

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