Braves of Six Flowers #03 — Free Will is for Losers

July 18th, 2015


Must obey prophecy. Must obey prophecy. Must obey prophecy.


Well, it’s continuing to improve by continuing to reduce the amount of faffing and exposition, all the way down to a mere tenish minutes this week and entirely in the middle. If you’re going to make a part of the episode boring, the middle’s the place to do it. And boring it was. Thrilling conversations between Adlet and NoShirt McShooty explaining her relevant traits and briefings on the situation. They even hit the best of all cliches “You’re a kind person, ergo you can’t defeat an emo girl like me.”

But that’s starting to make the other problems stand out all the more. The giant zit on this episode was how everyone’s motivation is still “’cause the prophecy says so,” which especially comes out when Adlet plays chicken with TriggerHappy von SavagedByaGayPrideParade. Why? “Prophecy says we work together, so we hafta work together!” Against what? For what? It’s not like there was some immediate threat he needed an extra pair of hands for, just… to defeat the devil that’s… going to do… something? Somewhere? Some time? And cheer up, emo girl. You’re part of the prophecy too! How about a little personal motivation or investment, guys? We’re well past the point where something should be driving the plot besides the great invisible space goat in the sky.


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  • Germanguy says:

    Well, at last it was not that cheap executed. “Come with me. We both are the heroes of the Light, we must defend the Dark side!”, “I just meet you, but okay. Let’s go and beat the shit out of him, even if it cost my Life!”

    imagine that.. then your way back to love this episode solution more

    • Germanguy says:

      and for the science base, this new Red Land is still not calmed down of the Vulcan activity. This Poison they are talking about is the Volcanic poison Gas, that rise from little cracks of the ground. Like Phosphor and such, that is not direct deadly, but with time you die

      Yeah, these legends is typical Vulcan activity. i would not be surprised if the Big Boss is some kind a Magma Goddess

  • Paulo27 says:

    Why does the prophecy matter? They are the only ones who can fight evil if one of them wants to kill themselves for no reason the others would probably be smart about it and stop them from killing themselves.
    I do want some motivations, well, we have some I guess but it’s mostly in the form of “the bestest and justest people in the world will be picked to fight evil” so I guess that’s mostly it, they are just good guys.

  • algorithm says:

    I feel bad that the thing standing out the most was the 3 minutes long exposition sequence about “magical barrier!”.

    Still too much farting around in the countryside, those heroes wannabe will all kill each other before getting anywhere close the demon god.

  • A.Nagy says:

    Why is she wearing a censorship bar?