Seraph of the End #10 — *stare*

June 6th, 2015




So… if they were going to be reunited all of about 14 minutes later, with none of them having faced any kind of obstacles apart, and very little of them time even spent on them anyway, then why did we even separate them in the first place? So we could pretend those ‘thrilling’ sixty seconds of speedlined action were marginally more tense than they already weren’t? They could have at least made the fights eyecandy to pass the time, but that would have required a budget and instead of having them stand around and posture for nigh on a third of the episode, if not more, have them fight. Thanks for announcing that everyone here is totally elite and badass. Are we here to hit each other or to stare longingly into each other’s eyes, talking about how much we totally respect them? And then jump to damnable speedlines.

I can tell you right now that there’s basically no chance that I’m continuing with this after the turn of the next season, and it’s not even building towards any kind of half-season climax… or anything at all. It’s continuing to go nowhere at a snail’s pace, the characters are inconsistent at best and unrealized mush at worst, the writing is a mess when it does try to do anything, and the already modest budget from the start has completely dried up. I don’t know what’s supposed to be left to engage here. That he’ll release the darkness within? That he’s finally been reunited with his long lost love? Let me tell you, excitement is about the opposite of what I feel from either of those, and even if I was excited about it, still wouldn’t excuse the budget-less meandering waste of the other 99% of this episode.


Next Episode:

The darkness within.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    You know, “Guren’s Squad vs. vampires that actually matter” is something that, on paper, actually manages to sound interesting.

    So here’s padded nonsense with no consequences whatsoever, a shift of focus to things that could have easily been excluded and for the first time, the action looked like ass. Can’t even count on that anymore.

    This crap is so slow and determined to avoid worthwhile content, it’s almost like I’m watching UBW.

    • Aroduc says:

      I’ve somehow managed to completely put UBW out of mind this season.

      I think it’s because I hear tell that instead of fleshing out and developing the main characters, they took that old fantastic standby of eleventh hour flashbacks to give everybody a tragic backstory right before offing them. And I rejoiced that I left things when I did, overdue as it was.

  • dark says:

    guren: it is ok somebody will save me in last sec ¡smile¡
    guren:NANI? blood drip

  • juju says:

    You: then why did we even separate them in the first place?

    because that scene foreshadow future events in the show

    Especially with Yuu’s lines about he will come again to them even tomorrow, the day after that, and forever