Gunslinger Stratos #07 — Sand People vs Space Ghosts

May 16th, 2015


It’s a good thing they spent the entire episode explaining that.


Yeah, uh, I lost the thread of this episode a long time before it was using two crash test dummies to act out an arms race, culminating in the war between the sand people and space ghosts that the space ghosts lost, although it’s pretty hilarious that one side’s first escalation in their little metaphor was to add a knife to their gun. And then when the other side upgraded their gun, they added… another knife. Do you know how guns work, Japan? I ask this because I’m starting to become concerned that you don’t. I would say somewhere around the time when they were standing in a bloodstained world, watching Tohru clones age, turn into skeletons, and die, but let’s be honest, that was already about six minutes straight into the dreamworld sequence with no end in sight, so I was already spacing out and wondering if anything was going to happen this week but exposition. The answer is no.

Maybe at least with the true antagonists finally pretty well set and the mystery of ghost not-sister mostly addressed, we can switch gears for the end to fighting the evil sand people and stop having weird flashbacks, dreams, and this metaphysical episodes, but I somehow doubt it. I just want them to stop saying “Dead End,” because good god, do not play a drinking game using that phrase with this episode or you will die. 

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One Lonely Comment

  • The Phantom says:

    Dont tell me they are going to stop killing each others to fight sand people now, I want more dead people, please keep killing each other! In any case probably sand people will kill one from one side and leave the other alt alive and so on, and in the end the remaining will fuse and live happily after. Silly show.