Guns Linger Stratos #06 — And Over Here Is Our Very Nice Graveyard

May 9th, 2015


Great tour. Would come back and buy more churros.


I feel like they wasted a really big chance with swapping the Tohrus for a short while, especially in world A. Daibanchou Tohru spent his entire time in front of a computer screen, which amount to about 30 seconds of what we actually saw. Future World Tohru simply went on a tour with his not-girlfriend, including such topics as how he’s single but other Tohru’s not and *blush* she’s naked within 50 yards of him! I imagine it was probably to make him question murdering them all, but he’s been angsty enough to start with, so there was really never any danger of him not looking constipated and conflicted over something until an antagonist they could join forces against presented itself. I have no idea who that could be.

You’d also think that after all that faffing about feelings (to an insert song!) at the fifteen minute mark and how happy he was to be with not-her, Tohru A would have been the one to have some kind of mental breakdown when Kyouka A got shot the moment he got back, but nope, that was his cue to take a nap for the rest of the episode. Probably accidentally killed her himself by ricochet, which seemed entirely unneeded. Instead, it was boy Carrie, who joined the ranks of the deadish due to, you know, magic death cubes. I can’t even remember any special connection between the two of them, although it’s difficult to think of any special connection between really any of the remaining characters. And again, if they weren’t so scared of showing a little viscera, these deaths would have a bit more impact. 

Next Episode:

Dust tornado.

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