Korean Tropical Fondue Sale and Premiere Week Wrapup

April 14th, 2015

Is it nap time yet?

Obligatory disclaimer as always. Shows certainly do get better or worse than what their first episode(s) indicated, and most shows are going to be mediocre, forgettable, and no doubt disappointing to all the frothing froth people have whipped themselves into weeks ago based on second or thirdhand ideas about what might happen sometime somewhere in some source or other adaptation independent of the actual anime adaptation itself. I also absolutely adore everybody telling me how uncultured I am for not liking the latest, greatest totally deep self-aware show about teenagers talking about genres or insecure girls staring at people having feelings about friendship.

Anything I’m going to cover for another week will have a zen garden by the link to my original post on it, or if I don’t have an original post, to orcs singing or something. That doesn’t mean I’ll stick with it, or won’t eventually pick up something without one, just that I’m planning to cover at least one more episode. This is not what I would call a particularly strong season, especially when it comes to characters or my personal wheelhouse, more of the light hearted super hero beat beat things up through application of high school physics and competence instead of the power of friendship and having feelings thing. Ergo, there’s little I’m particularly enthusiastic about, and my enthusiasm is a rare enough commodity to begin with. Anyway, onward and forward.

The only thing left to air is Ninja Slayer on Thursday, and that’s streaming only with an actual broadcast at least nine months away. I hope that it will supplant or add to Thursdays offerings, but the promos have too much panning and posing for me to be optimistic.


Mikagura School Suite


Two boring episodes spent aimlessly touring the school and characters, two minutes of some actual action.


Blat! Euphonium


Girls stare blankly into space as inconsequential teenage melodrama spontenaously accumulates around them.


Triage X


Needs to tone down the angst by about 90%, fix the tone consistency, and find a budget.

My Love Story


Same girly romance as always, except now it’s a giant oaf narrating what other people owe him as he does jack.

Afterschool Pleiades


Take the already dull OVA and pad it out massively by staring into space. Fantastic plan.




The absurdism is ironically as standardized as it gets, leaving just some curiously well-directed odd CGI fighting.

 Punch Line! 


Four minutes I enjoyed followed by an entirely different show made almost entirely out of exposition.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Milfeulle has never looked cuter.



The first of multiple shows this season that just yell occasionally and call that a joke.


Magical Schmagical Nanohagical ViVid


No budget. No plot. No magic. Action is little and poorly done. This is the opposite of every other Nanoha show.

False Love

Forte has never looked manlier.

Yada Yada Girls Not in a Dungeon


Lip service towards supposed character growth while it spends its actual time faffing with boob bounces.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki


Just exists for people who dream of Nagato x Kyon shipping, if the two had entirely different personalities.

Food Wars


Screamy ‘comedy’ that’s only contribution to the Jump-style food hallucinations is including masturbating.


Rinne of the Boundary


Severe lack of a budget and the protagonists must be stoned out of their minds because they have zero reaction to everything.

Crazy Teacher


Writing is spectacularly awful and the production often matches it.

 Seraph of the End 


Rebooted itself after the first episode and won’t shut the hell up about the power of friendship.

High School DxD


 Gunslinger Stratos 


The Daibanchou world could be neat, but it lacks a budget badly and the protagonists are dullards.

Unlimited Blade Works


The reigning king of vacuous platitudes and announcing character development instead of developing characters.

Plastic Memories


Delivers melodrama with a sledgehammer and then badly tries to mix lowest common denominator humor into it.

Blood Blockade Battlefront


Weak protagonist, missing plot, more concerned with looking like it has action than actually having action.


The Heroic Legend of Arslan


Poor budget and a lead who is a wide-eyed impossibly naive infant that just gapes at absolutely everything.

Baby Steps

Milfeuelle has never looked lizardier.

 Show By Rock! 


Really needs to recapture the drug-addled madcap vibe the first episode had because friiiendship isn’t going to cut it.


Can we appreciate that the Angels repeatedly tried to straight up murder those two obnoxious kids?

Yamada and the Seven Witches


You can tell where to laugh because someone yelled or there’s an impact effect in the background.

Hello! Golden Mosaic

I don’t remember this episode, but I’m pretty sure it was strange.

Wrapup of the Wrapup:

I’m already ready to move on to the next season. A lot of these have just about 2-3 minutes which I’m really pinning my hopes on seeing more of that and less of 90+% of what their opening episode(s) were. Characters especially feel particularly lacking this season, with everyone falling into one of the great triumverate of classical anime badness; the zombie who shuffles from point A to B doing nothing more than staring and then clenching their fist and being determined, the poor impulse control shouter who must announce everything happening in front of them, and the angstmobob whose very soul is darkness and is constantly beset by the ghosts of dead  children. Combine the first two and you’ve got most of the serious show ‘protagonists’ down to a T.

Maybe I’ll get fed up with it and play some random game and cover that. I say that every season these days… At least it’ll make me ready to forgive Symphogear’s second season’s many faults and look forward to the third in summer! That’s… at least something, I guess.

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20 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    Wow – are you ever scraping the bottom of the barrel this season… you’d be better off spending the time training your dog to create anime.

    Out of your picks I am only watching one for while more – Etotama – and that’s only because it reminds me of old AIC comedies from the 90s.

    Other than that, for me, it’s a damn good thing that spring-like weather is finally here – I am re-lining my fishing reels and getting out on the water until the Summer season shows up to disappoint me.

    Cheers –

  • GF202020 says:

    You should just re-watch the Galaxy Angel anime, and blog that.

  • Jack says:

    Hahaha… my favorite is for “Baby Steps”. Added “lizardier” to my current vocabulary. Will use it at parties, etc.

  • algorithm says:

    Etotama CG fights is the best thing this season delivered so far.

  • Sanjuro says:

    Forte is the best angel.

  • kenuran says:

    I don’t even know how much i can put up with Punchline if it doesn’t start putting in some better jokes beyond “Saw panties, got too horny, world got destroyed, reset” and more focus on the plot regarding what was in the beginning of the Pilot. I get the whole wordplay aspect with the show’s title but that got old instantly. I heard that the writer said that the story gets really crazy around episode six but the whole its-boring-until-you-watch-over-half-of-the-show prospect makes the show look very unappealing.

    Etotama might be entertaining but the male lead being so boring and looking like Master from Busou Shinki really takes me out of it. Calling out a cliche as it happens without subverting or overplaying it in some way to get a different punchline just means you still did the cliche while padding out for time cause you also explained it to me. Meh.

    I’ve heard that people saying how Seraph of the End might end up being like the next Cross Ange/Valrave. So far though, its not aggressively stupid where I can enjoy what’s happening for the wrong reasons as much as it is stupid for using a bait-and-switch to get me to watch a show that is just plain terrible.

    Show by Rock is a silly show but I hope for more focus and weirdness on the antagonists’s side of things. I agree that it needs to keep the weirdness up overall.

    I cant wait to not care about Ninja Slayer. God that show’s colors are just so ugly plus it looks to be just as under-budget as Kill la Kill.

    So its another season, another dead zone for Tuesday and Wednesday huh? So how about a Deep Thoughts entry? How many years has it been since you last did one? I still remember the one where about you gushed over Monty Oum’s fight direction. I mean hes dead now but i wouldn’t mind another look into how power levels can be/has been used in anime.

    • ZakuAbumi says:

      Actually, it wasn’t Uchikoshi who said that but some other staff member. Uchikoshi even stated that the twist is not that big to begin with.
      Which does not raise my hopes. Or anyone’s, for that matter.

      I second the Deep Thoughts suggestion. I want Aroduc to rant on the blogosphere. That sounds like fun.

  • Chipp says:

    >The only thing left to air is Ninja Slayer on Thursday, and that’s streaming only with an actual broadcast at least nine months away. I hope that it will supplant or add to Thursdays offerings, but the promos have too much panning and posing for me to be optimistic.
    I’m pretty sure that you’ve said that you’re not gonna cover 12 minutes per episode shows (well it’s actually 15 minutes but that’s not much better).

    • Aroduc says:

      Well, that’s new. I’ve covered them before, but eh.

      • ZakuAbumi says:

        Hey, better not be picky here! You know what they say about this season? You know what you say about this season?

        There you have it. Remember Muromi-san? As far as I remember, things worked out with that one. You might as well go for Digimon while we’re at it. Everyone’s waiting for that show in awe. And who knows, it might blow us away.

        Optimism, ho!

  • icymirage says:

    Wow, what an exceedingly trashy season. Might be a record for no-plot boob shows. I think my only must-watch show of the week is going to be Baby Steps S2. I guess I’ll also watch Rinne, UBW, Seraph, Arslan, Gunslinger, Crazy Teacher, and Yahari S2 (why isn’t that even mentioned?).

    • Doctor Morimori says:

      He mentioned Oregairu under its localized name (My Teen Romatic Comedy SNAFU).

      He also showed zero interest in it and replaced the screencaps with Galaxy Angel stuff, like with about half the shows this season.

      • icymirage says:

        Ahh, haha, I see now. Aroduc has YD.

        Wow, Ninja Slayer was really bad. It was only 15 minutes, but I couldn’t finish it. Dungeon, on the other hand, actually had a good episode 3.

    • dp says:

      Just watch Knights of Sidonia.

  • marvelous_stan says:

    Ugh now I’ve got ‘where there’s a whip there’s a way’ stuck in my head.