Rolling Girls #09 — “You Don’t Get Me, Mom! Mooooom!”

March 7th, 2015


I’m still waiting for the main characters to justify their existence.

Reminder, DST starts tomorrow, and since Japan, like Arizona, doesn’t observe it, that means that everything effectively airs an hour later. Given my schedule this season, that doesn’t affect much since work delays Friday already, and Sunday shows move from pre-crack of dawn to crack of dawn, but it does mean that Ange and Rolling Girls with their already relatively late broadcast times will be even later in their final episodes.


It opened with a bit on traditional Japanese stuff, maybe some samurai up in here, I thought, but that was a filthy lie. A filthy, filthy lie. The episode was almost entirely about the main characters for once, but all that did was highlight how boring they are. They played on the beach for a montage, then they ate, then they went somewhere else and ate, then one of them split off while the others… went somewhere else and ate. Can you really think of nothing more interesting that you could be showing us? I’m pretty sure the answer is yes, because after Doesn’t Wear a Shirt ran off, they cut back to being chased by an ostrich. As far as gags go, it’s weak, but I guarantee you that whatever she was getting up to was far more interesting than Team A’s restaurant tour. Oh, and she was eating too, of course. Do they have the metabolism of humming birds?

So what was the episode about then? I guess if I was pressed, I’d say exposition. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t keep pretending like the little spat between Blondie and her mom was the biggest most important thing ever and not going to be resolved by some hugs and assurances that they care about each other. Or maybe if Blondie had a beef with mom any greater than “You don’t pay enough attention to me and how I want to have frieeeeends!” Or a personality, but that’s far too late to add now. But wait! There might be some other greater conspiracy! That’s so fascinating I zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…


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  • Mesousa2877 says:

    “The episode was almost entirely about the main characters for once–”


    Yeah, the character of the days got annoying, I’m actually glad they’re going with this.

  • Germanguy says:

    ..and suddenly we get Aliens!!!!

  • Chipp12 says:

    Stop torturing yourself and just drop it already.