Absolute Duo #12 — Friendship Power!

March 22nd, 2015


Why does nobody take the extra double tap them in the head?

A little slow to get moving today due to a combination of sleeping in, computer troubles, and dog troubles.


Look at them, almost putting together a half competent action episode at the last minute. And it brings closure to every dangling plot thread out there too! And by every, I mean the mystery of the Mallcop. Nothing else. It’s daring of them to leave so much out there when they’ve spent the whole show working with so little, but maybe it’s some kind of deluded sequel baiting. Then again, it’s not the kind of problem they can solve in a single episode either, and I can’t say that I particularly care about what they couldn’t be assed to cover either.

It was one of the stronger episodes of the show though, even if things fell apart about eight minutes in and in the next five minutes, we went all the way through feelings power to friendship power to OP insert with double extra friendship teamwork power to win the day. Really, once Mallcop declared his hatred for buildings and Thor started yelling about how his friends need buildings to be friends, it was all over but the flashbacks and exposition in an eleventh hour to half assedly wrap up some of the dangling threads. It didn’t work. 

Final Thoughts:

I’ll keep this brief. It’s Yet Another Fantasy School Magical Girlfriend Light Novel Adaptation(tm), and poorer than most. While the characters (Tis aside) aren’t as infuriatingly awful as most, it fails to do absolutely anything at all with them with every arc being essentially “Let’s kung fu fight, with nothing at stake!” and then an antagonist (typically Mallcop) shows up at the last second to go “Aha! Something is at stake!” before one of them pulls an aura out of their ass, declares “Friendship rules!” and defeats them. It’s excessively formulaic and doesn’t have anywhere near the talent (or perhaps budget) in either the directing or animation departments to make it worthwhile on just the visuals alone.

You can do worse, but there’s nothing that stands out here that’d earn it even a vague recommendation either.

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One Lonely Comment

  • The Phantom says:

    This show past ‘the teacher is evil’ part became tedious to watch. In fact I have to say the teacher was the best character in the series until she became a good doer. Gothic lolita was also not good, were not you supposed to be evil, dumb Gothic loli?, Julie and Tor, so much for a revenge-seeking crazy couple, you both ended being as generic as possible.

    They started with a setting: crazy evil teacher, crazy evil director, anyone can kill you in school, both male and female lead are both revenge maniac, and this is what we get.. really? fuck you show.

    Also who voiced the guy that does pose and never speaks a line, was there really a fully paid voice actor saying HUMMPP, HOO, HEEEM?