Yatterman Night #06 — “I Found Some Random Garbage”

February 15th, 2015


“And it made me think of you.”


Wait a minute… When that guy grabbed a rolling pin to attack someone, he held it by the rolling part? Not the handle? Japan, what do they do with rolling pins that people don’t grip them by the handles? Also, I figured Maria would be the first show this season to hold a crucifixion. It’s hard to think he was in too much danger though considering that the Yatterbots couldn’t hit the guy of the week who was standing still. Speaking of him… So after being shot, he went back to his greenhouse and died, alone and completely forgotten except for a scribbled note in the dirt thanking him? I, uh… don’t think that meshes well with the triumphant music playing and friendship power declarations. Or if he just passed out, long after being shot, then why was anybody worried about the guns in the first place?

Anywho, an especially melodramatic friendship power episode, filled with them declaring how much they care about each other, declaring how they’re helpless without each other, how wonderful Doronjo is, and flashing back to the times when Dead Mom did extra special things like… give them random trash she found in the shed. It’s a good thing they have a pig instead of a cat or they’d be treasuring a large collection of decomposed mice it brought them. All that pre-empted much from actually happening though. They said “Maybe we should stop doing this,” then thought about it for a little bit, then decided to go back to doing it after all triggered by… just wallowing in their emotions and explaining how much they care for a little bit. Another hardfought battle won. Go team.

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