Rolling Girls #08 — Backsliding

February 28th, 2015


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Come on, show. Last week was somewhat less massively disappointing than the last couple arcs, so why would you follow that up with an episode of flashbacks and sitting around having thinkings about things? And once again, the main characters ended up on their hands and knees, pawing around in the muck. Because that’s always what they do. That one time they got to be manual labor as part of a montage was clearly just a transient upswing.

Anyway, Angsty Girl thinks and remembers until mom, of all bloody people, wanders up and tells her to stop being angsty, whereupon she stops being angsty. And then everyone was friends again. The end. Time for friendship concert. There were some Buddha-rockets too, but they were just there because the concert needed fireworks.

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  • Sanjuro says:

    All anime girls should wear lipstick.