Cross Ange #19 — Head Shot

February 14th, 2015


Didn’t they used to be after her ring or something?


I have to ask, guys. You can precision attack small (relatively speaking) flying mechs zipping around at high speed with everything from cable guns to boomerangs, but you can’t hit one gigantic, barely moving submarine with your standard laser guns? I also feel like pretty much everything in the opening three minutes belonged at the end of the previous episode. Well, maybe not the Momoka upskirt shots. Those don’t belong anywhere. Pretty much as expected start to finish, which means another episode of spinning its wheels. The first two thirds of the episode was a tour of the other third of the cast that Emby all saved, we were reminded that he saved them and now they dedicate themselves to him body and soul yada yada so on and so forth. I think we got that when they all showed up on the opposite side of the battle wearing matching storm trooper suits and swearing mindless fealty to the evil empire who forced them into a life of watching their friends being ripped apart by not-lizards.

Honestly, I was kind of hoping for some real exploitation here. Like, he magically pseudo-raped them into subservience since that pretty much was what he did with Blue and tried to do with Angy. It’s like they want to make sure we know he’s a rapist, but not that much of a rapist. Just pick and go with it, guys. It would have certainly made Ange shaking off his hypno-whatever thanks to Tusk’s penis having previous claim a little less eyerollingly bad. Certainly wouldn’t be the first time Sunrise used a hymen as a plot device. And sure, him sticking a finger up in her was one thing, but that’s nothing compared to a kiss! Japan, we really need to get your priorities in order. At least she shot him in the head a couple times, although she probably could have thought of something a little more productive after discovering that didn’t work, doubly so after she discovered that biting does work.

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  • algorithm says:

    I miss your Scrambled Eggs reviews.

  • Germanguy says:

    So Persons get shoot in the Head, but they do not stay dead. Interesting, can she use a Machine Gun next time, then he could cosplay a Switzerland cheese