Cross Ange #17 — Unsafe Things to Do With Kebobs

January 31st, 2015


They all look like Blue Falcon’s sidekicks.

Weekends are awkward. I finish my morning stuff, sit down to watch a show, and… there’s still at least 30-45 minutes before Ange finishes, let alone Rolling Girls. So then I’m half-tempted to take a glance at Dog Days and Aldnoah. One involved random clothes-eating slime running around a castle, the other was stupider. Your guess as to which was which. And now I suspect I will appreciate this show all the more.


Some people might wince from Ange biting her dick-kebob. Me? I wince from Tusk deep throating a few inches of metal spike. Sir, that is not how we eat kebobs. Particularly not those held by someone like Ange. The first third was once again faffing about Dragonland. Sally pontificates, Tusk gets another trip to Ange’s crotch, Ange blushes, Vivi and her mother rub themselves against each other, etc. Same as the last two or three weeks.

So it was another fairly dull episode for the most part, but at least things sort of got moving again in the second half, even if they did so with some ridiculously precise shooting on giant turbulent robots in midair and the only thing more deadly than the previous superweapon of big frisbees, wires. Unsurprisingly, everyone Emby saved are now his stormtroopers, and don’t they have just the most darling little bird helmets? It looks like their heads are in the middle of being swallowed by hawks. I’m not entirely certain where Ange’s crippling fear of scuba divers came though. In a scene that involved an angry lesbian grabbing a dick out of nowhere, that was the thing that seemed weird.


Next Episode:


Red invites Ange to the abalone buffet.

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