Lhasa Apso Shaving Meet and Premiere ‘Week’ Wrapup

October 16th, 2014

Week, two weeks, whatever.

At time of (scheduled) posting, I’m on a plane to the other side of the country where I will be drinking wine, watching terrible football, and drinking beer with friends. Blogging will be either spotty or more likely nonexistent until I return very late Monday night.

As usual, these are just the first things that pop into mind when I think about the things I watched over the last season that I at some point at least maybe entertained the idea of covering. It’s not comprehensive, the final word, yada yada, so on and so forth. You know the drill and if not, I’d hope you can figure it out. I do check out the first episode and change of almost everything, but unless my opinion changes in any significant way or I have more to say, I’m not going to make another post on it.

There are also two shows yet left to air; Yuuki Yuuna (hour premiere) on the 17th and Mushishishishi on the 18th. The latter will almost certainly go un-posted-on anyway as have many of the sequels/continuations this very packed season, doubly so since I won’t be around. Anything I will definitely be covering at least one more episode for has pigs. Might bail on it soon after, or pick up something unpigged, but that’s the rough draft for my schedule at the moment.

If you’ve got any input, flames, or desperate begging, go wild.


Mysterious Joker


Unabashedly made for children, with all the shouting and bright colors that come with it.

 Rage of Bahamut 


A few hiccups with tone and characterization, but a really solid and well-produced action/adventure so far.

Wimpy Pedal


Look what you’ve become, Zubat. Now you just lurk in caves and annoy children.

Inou – Battle Within Everyday Life


Entirely too smugly satisfied with its awful premise and not willing to do anything with it anyway. 


Yona of the Dawn


Polka dots and pacing problems a plenty.

Trinity Seven


Is something going to happen, or are we just going to spend the entire series on exposition?


Gundam Build Fighters Try


Buy more toys. Buy more toys. Buy more toys. Buy more toys. Buy more toys.

Shepherd of the Great Library


Possibly the least interesting of the half dozen “have a meaningless tour of the girls” starts this season.

 Chaika the Coffin Princess 


Writing is unfortunately staying at the end-of-season level of awful, but a kind of passable adventure series still.



Badly needs to drop the teen melodrama and insecurity nonsense and focus on what’s in the title.


The Bookseller of Electric Town


Is somehow the most fanservicey of the comedies this season. And that’s using the word ‘comedy’ broadly.

White Box


Totally lacks a narrative, purpose, characters, and even consistency in tone with its ‘comical’ drag race.

Gundam Reconguisita in G


Made for the 80s, a time I have absolutely no nostalgia for. Also might help to be very high to understand it.

Psycho Pass


Have you noticed that Brian Williams has never once been seen with Aquaman?

Your April Lie


As subtle as a concrete truck and the comedy doesn’t mix in with its melodrama well at all.

 Twin Tails 


Not parody enough to work well, but at least it seems to have a vague idea what a parody in fact is.

Amagi – Brilliant Park


What jokes there are were repeated to death and then buried under bad cliches and melodramatic speeches.


Terra Formars


The hilarious censorship is probably the best thing this plodding, unanimated ‘action’ show has going for it.

Selector Spread WIXOSS


Designated Okada quarantine zone.



Design in general is weird, especially the monsters and weird CGI, but the main lead’s a pretty fun guy.

Clouded Laughter


Trying to do everything at once, so the end result is slipshod, and lacks the budget for the action side anyway.


Log Horizon


Talking heads talking… and talking… and talking… and talking… and talking…

Magic Kaito


Kaito himself wasn’t bad, but the magic that makes the meat of the thing was awful.



A fantasy adventure characterized by sitting on your ass 95% of the time and gaping at tits the other 5%.

Searching for the Lost Future


I’m rooting for the bus to kill the annoying girlfriend. That’s not a good place to be after tour de la femme.

Unlimited Blade Works


Leaps better than F/Z, but there was no need for either episode to be an hour and it’s very tedious and uninteresting outside the action.

 Cross Ange 


So ridiculously ham-handed in every way, but can’t fault it for not giving me plenty to write and chuckle about.

Tribe Cool Crew


This is where Sunrise sends its animators to suffer.

World Trigger


Excruciatingly slow first episode and awful production across the board.


Seven Deadly Sins


Another very badly adapted kid’s comedy adventure, with an extra helping of jabbering away in the middle of ‘fights.’

Le Fruit de la Grisaia


Two entire bloody episodes spent on taking a tour of the girls and their panties, with no ambition or point in them beyond that.

Wolf Girl and Black Prince


Only advance this is contributing to the very, very tired formula are opaque drop shadows.

Celestial Method


First episode and we already have friendship causing the skies to open up and the heavens to smile upon their innocence.



Mostly just because this day is so weak otherwise. And every now and then it does show a little trace of life. Not much though.



I question the wisdow of writing a comedy when you don’t understand what constitutes a joke.

Girlfriend (Beta)


This is unpleasant in every way, but most unpleasantly for the nasally whines all the VAs are using. 


Tis the season for fantasy adventures. GARO and Bahamut are my two clear standouts. Good leads in both and Mappa’s putting some real effort into them for more than one episode, which is already one episode (each) more than they did for that Terror fiasco last season. Cross Ange, and Chaika to a lesser extent, are at least amusing me with the things they’re putting out as scripts, although not in a good way. Ange could come together to be a less ridiculous show if it’d stop raping the lead every episode and develop a sense of subtlety, but it’s Sunrise, so fat chance of that happening. I’ll… probably end up picking up UBW, but I’ve been pretty bored through everything that’s not someone fighting/being stabbed so far. As much as I’d love to see them work in some extra fights, the slavish devotion to the wordy wordy source does not make me hopeful.

Again, I’m out of town from now until very late Monday night. I’ll probably catch up on things over the course of the day on Tuesday (possibly going into Wednesday) since I’m taking the week off from work, so I may prod at things from that time frame a little more than usual. I meant to write another post scheduled for the weekend (two at one point!), but yada yada I haven’t yet. I still might since I have an unfortunate six hours of layovers, but we’ll see. Go wild.

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  • Gorilla13 says:

    Wtf man, stop copying my watching list. Apart from Grisaia, how come we watching the exact same shows? Wouldn’t sit next to you during an exam, u cheeky Clark Kent m9.

  • Rihan says:


  • anise_punter says:

    Seems like a relatively light load, but maybe I miscounted.

  • kenuran says:

    Dropping Trinity Seven? Would this be the first Seven Arcs made anime you’ve dropped?

    I dont see you dropping UBW though.

  • Di Gi Kazune says:

    whaaat?!? Twintails show and raep show… His fetishes come out! :P

  • Longhaul says:

    I thought the Seven Deadly Sins adaption was pretty good actually.