Terror of Something or Other #08 — The Invisible Bombing

September 4th, 2014


Yeesh, that was a tone deaf opening montage.

I’ll probably get to KLK’s OVA episode tonight, depending on how awful the traditionally awful Thursday night game is, but the whole “Dark X” just makes me wonder if they’re taking lessons in writing from Nintendo’s C team, and if it starts shouting at me instead of trying to put together actual action like most of the series itself, I will become grumpier than I already am and probably go get a delicious sundae to soothe my gullet. Edit: I gave it a quick flip through as I was putting together my dinner sammich and… yeah. The more things don’t change, the more they stay the exact bloody shouty cover-the-supposed-action-with-a-head-screaming-but-it-was-just-three-looped-frames-for-15-seconds-anyway-same.


Boy, it didn’t waste any time going right back into rank stupidity with a half-assed “See how much clout Five has? She got them all canned for preventing a bombing from killing hundreds of people and a Delta hub!” And that was on the back of the tone-deaf singing and very subtle imagery of feathers flying up to the heavens. I think the crowning moment of stupidity would have to be how the bombing of their own building went completely unnoticed and unaddressed. Even if we say that everyone just somehow knew it wasn’t them because there was no riddle or something, that doesn’t mean that the entire apartment full of terrorist equipment simply evaporated into thin air, especially after having spent so much time trying to show off how detailed and forensic and smart they were analyzing previous bombing sites. I guess the entire rest of the cast was just having a little napsie. Or Five is just that awesome and omnipotent, guys. Totally. That’s probably also how she has half a dozen cameras all on one block pointing at the same 5 foot by 5 foot square of space where Lisa happens to be.

And like everything else this week, nothing went anywhere besides moving from one apartment to another and what to look forward to next week and into the final stretch? The stunning cliffhanger of Five taking Lisa hostage, thus completing her descent into Damsel In Distress and her angsty family life or whatever tossed by the wayside. We ended last episode with the cliffhanger of “She’s going to get Lisa!” and this week with “She’s got Lisa!” Wasn’t even a hunt or some kind of chase scene to try to pad it out. The question of “Why should they care?” has yet to be answered, let alone the question of “Why should they care more about her than whatever their ultimate goal is and why could it have not been done through WikiLeaks?”

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  • algorithm says:

    I love that part where he casually asks his daughter how to make plutonium bombs.