Terrier in Residence #09 — Evil Academy

September 11th, 2014


Words cannot describe how ready this season is making me for some schlock about guys turning into cosmic twin tailed space girls.


Are you kidding me? Did they really spend half the episode on the most boringly cliche possible evil government experimental school thing imaginable? I’m willing to bet that anybody who watched the first episode could have guess about 98% of it from the little dreams and flashback snippets alone, and yet someone felt the need to spend ten minutes going over it and couldn’t come up with anything more than that. And who spilled the beans? Just some old guy. Why? Cause someone knocked on his door and asked him. What’s truly truly depressing is that one of the writers saw this issue and then they addressed it by actually having him explicitly say that. Thanks, Space Goat. Your influence is felt once again.

The second half at least tried to be a little more interesting. Actually, that may not be fair. I have the very unfortunate suspicion that the first half was trying, and that’s what depresses me. Anyway, Five somehow managed to convince all her men that strapping explosives to a teenage girl and handcuffing her in a ferris wheel was an awesome plan. To be fair, one guy did ask her what she was doing and how this would get them their plutonium or whatever… after turning on the ferris wheel. What then followed was about a few minutes of bomb disarming montage to what was no doubt meant to be emotional music. It was not. Maybe if the goal was to capture them, you should have done it at the airport when you knew exactly where they were. Or instead of delivering a bomb to their apartment.

But I guess at least they’re not giving any more imbecilic riddles. They’ve found brand new ways to be imbecilic. 


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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    As I read your comments on this series and on so many others this season, I keep on getting an image of you as Steve McQueen in the “War Lover” during the scene when he flies his bomber into the cliff because he won’t eject…, over and over again for each episode.

    (We won’t talk about what you are doing during the bomb release scenes… LOL)

    In any event, my hat is off to you for taking it on the chin so often with your anime choices – you are a braver man than I…

  • algorithm says:

    I take it that 12’s attraction for Lisa comes from her uncanny resemblance to shota 9. Or whatever.