Terror of the Riddler! #05 — Attack of the Foreigners!

August 7th, 2014


Surely nobody would ever suspect the guy who threw a smoke bomb into a crowd moments before an explosion.


Excelsior, faithful readers! In this exciting chapter of our adventure, we learn that the girl can’t cook and is a slob! Astonish at the resolution of the cliffhanger last week being that she passed out due to angst! Chill at how they have all their bombs just laying out! Thrill to how useless she is! Amaze at her capacity for feeling sorry for herself! Touch yourself to some gratuitous nudity! But that’s not all! There’s another riddle waiting to be revealed and you’ll never guess what it is this time! They give a filing code and the only way to solve is to… find the file! But only one man can possibly remember that! Everything relies on him!

But wait! There’s more! They’ve revealed that all the targets are connected to a mysterious academy! Could this academy possibly be the same one that fuels the angst of our protagonists!? Tune in and find out! And the true evil genius has appeared! That’s right… Her! A foreign genius from the foreign evil superpower of America-istan! Watch in excitement as she sits around having no eyes because showing eyes is like, super special or something! Her evil plan is to let the bomb go off because sure, they may already be terrorists, but they’re the good kind of terrorists who haven’t killed anybody yet, and if someone dies, then it’s serious. Oops, wrong brand of sarcasm.

This is a thrilling chess match between geniuses that you can’t afford to miss!  

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • algorithm says:

    Here’s the trainwreck.

    • Aroduc says:

      The best part was how the entire dramatic crux of the episode made absolutely no goddamned sense. Why would you make a bomb that’s set to go off on a timer UNLESS you hit the cellphone trigger? Were they afraid they’d lose track of time at the arcade? And why even include a functioning detonator on a bomb you didn’t want to go off at all? Hell, recognizing that it was deliberately set up to be faulty instead of just lucky chance that a bomb fizzled (like, you know, bombs are wont to do) could have even been a valid plot point actually showing Shiba’s insight instead of yet another incident of his ability to use Google and being the only person in the entire police department who recognizes police codes.

      And of course, the chess match that took the EVIL WOMAN knowing that they’d embark on precisely that moronic of a plan, but isn’t smart enough to just block where the bomb is (mind you, underground, a place renowned for cell reception in the first place), so her grand plan is… to let them know she’s there and kill a bunch of people along the way? With the blessing of the higher ups? Did Dr. Robotnik come up with this plan?

      • algorithm says:

        You know it was going off tracks the moment that pointless brooding girl suddenly started to act like red glasses from Kyoukai no Kanata while the incompetent (yet not as much as the police) terrorists wannabe allowed that time bomb into their super secret lair.