Eggbert vs The World #07 — I Am Protagonist!

August 16th, 2014


Nobody is protagonist but me!


Wow. Did this really begin with a two and a half minute recap of the previous episode? And then went right back to janky direction, bad insert songs, and all our usual favorites; old guy’s ptsd, teenage superpower, magical princess tinnitus, etc. Yeah, I get that you want to make the little dogfight between fists and jet exciting, but if you’re going to show him a moment away from being fisted, you probably need a better trick than changing the camera angle when he does a 90 degree turn and comes to a complete stop to hide that the fists are now several seconds away. At which point he passed out to show that they Know a Thing About Jetsâ„¢, so the fists, which overshot him on a horizontal plane, were suddenly chasing him, in an uncontrolled jet in a long freefall, from above. The mind boggles.   

The pacing in general though was pretty reamed this week. They apparently spent hours skeet shooting the fists while everyone else launched a super space boat out of a mountain, and the whole “two protagonists meeting” that everyone assumed would happen this week from… you know… A and B being in the same place at the same time doing the same thing against the same enemy… nope, not happening. That might interfere with Eggman’s greatness. The closest they came was both going “That guy in the orange thing/jet is someone special awesome super great,” with the cliffhanger being Eggman declaring him an enemy and shooting him down, because he didn’t have enough eggpower or something. Who knows? Only Space Goat knows.

I also appreciate that they finally killed fisty, not by wanging her with a giant ship, but with a single bullet to her apparently glowing weak point after wanging her with a giant ship, thus combining two of the supermech weaknesses we’ve already seen so far; “hit it with a blunt object” and “shoot it in its weak spot.” Someone really needs to fire Dr. Wily from the design team. 

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12 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • aklik says:

    I guess its time to drop this for me…
    btw why would space goat know about eggpower levels of superboys?

  • aklik says:

    ps only now i got how could they destroy indestructible flying hands…
    1) when low on bullets prevail is activated
    2) also they have combined
    so (shounenA_eggpower+shounenB_eggpower)*prevail > flying hand eggpower

    • Aroduc says:

      One would have thought the obvious conclusion to “They’re indestructible” and “I can redirect them” would be to smack them together ala the ending to The Incredibles, but alas. Wang and bullet it is.

      • aklik says:

        actually without eggpower “smack them together” wouldn’t work at all because hands have no offensive power at all, only some kinetic energy, i guess even head-on collision wouldn’t destroy them
        so only after “(shounenA_eggpower+shounenB_eggpower)*prevail”

  • Flip Porter says:

    Oddly this is the moment I hope I’m right in reading into something cause it would make the anime so much better than most others in the genre.

    Namely batship (trademark that) obviously the naive idealist that believes the war can be averted by the princess (news flash they’d have found another way of sparking the war). Sadly nothing special to his character (unless it develops later but doubtful).

    Princess sparkly now willing to help the humans thinking probably equally as naive this is all her fault and it’s her duty to fix it. Neutral on this aspect of characterization but meh.

    Orange knight seems to now be willing to abuse the princess’s naivete to fight against martians to any end he can. I love the idea of a protagonist like this. Even the few anti-heroes i’ve seen in anime don’t tend to be so near to villains as a true anti-hero probably should be. Basically I do hope he abuses her trust to start a martian genocide or something xD.

    • FlameStrike says:

      I know lol. Eggman’s pragmatism really took me aback this episode. I hope they’ll take it someplace interesting.

  • Sanjuro says:

    I don’t know who we’re supposed to root for now.

    And does every other song need bad vocals?

    • Aroduc says:

      I guess if you’re looking for something that doesn’t fit and want to devalue them by whipping them out constantly, apparently yes.

      Alternatively: Bitches got CDs to sell!

      • Sanjuro says:

        It’s not just that it’s terrible, overused and out of place. Like most of Sawano’s music. It all sounds the same.

  • Yue says:

    This show is awesome for me. As someone who plays, Armored Core 4FA and 5VD, I am entertained.

    Though I’m saddened that a pair of boobs exploded in the end.

  • algorithm says:

    Now with official stupid nicknames. I’m trying to imagine this show with the characters using yours.

  • arknoir says:

    I absolutely laughed when I saw the martian bot in the wall. Are they trying to for-show godboy using that demon robot? He don’t need that as he’s got that orange training…… cadet….. robot… god this is bad.

    godboy 3 > United Earth forces 0