Aldnoah.Zero #05 — Teenage Power Hoooooooooo!

August 2nd, 2014


It was especially bad this week.


Really? Five years ago, the moonchild princess lived all alone in a giant stone castle when a missile containing the moonchild boy crashed into it, he began vomiting water, and then she shoved her tongue down his throat? Really, guys? Maybe that’s what kicked off their research into radar, ending in invading the Earth five years later by putting their hands on cubes. I guess my point is that apparently space people don’t have a lot of usability engineers, security guards, or interior deisgners, just mad scientists building robots with oddly specific weak points. Does bolster the theory that the whole thing is being masterminded by Dr. Wily though.

Anyway, pretty much the same as always. Ten minutes of aimlessly pissing around including the now obligatory maid accidentally blurting out the princess’s identity because bitches be stupid yo, five minutes of trained adults getting fed their own cataphracts by the latest in the endless parade of themed supermechs, and then Eggtron 9000 exhibiting his teenage superpower of being a teenager. They were pretty lazy this week though. The supermech’s power was “immune to attacks from non-teenagers” “has two lightsabers.” Didn’t even bother with more than just one half-assed lightsaber wave as an excuse for an immunity to bullets. He defeated it by… blocking. And then pulling it into the water. Such tactics! Oh but wait, he didn’t block. He blocked. As they needed to explain after the fact. I’m sure all the guys who died while he kept his tactic to himself appreciate it.

I guess the focus, despite being only a couple minutes, was supposed to be what they cut away from that to though, which is Mr. Moonchild telling the sick king (yes, that’s a male) that the princess was still alive, and to the shock of absolutely nobody, the moon Illuminati is immediately there to discredit him. Because it’s episode 5. I don’t even know why they bothered instead of just letting the obviously evil old man with the sinister voice simply be evil. Everything else is ridiculous. Why not just go all the way?

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  • anon says:

    Buh…. Shadow power plays… Buhhhhhh….

    Do this really Show need this? So the Show use Inaho alone to counterattack. Know with official Backup of Mother Mars, the Knights have support Line back up. I dont think Earth will stand a chance if Mars get serious.

    No this Turn was not thinking ahead, just for short Drama. But how will Earth survive? Or will Earth Fate will be doom?

    • anon says:

      Know the Last Count will ask the other Count to send Slain onto the battlefield, just to get him killed. It is so predictable, they can now use Slain as a puppet to find the Princess or to get rid of him…

      I wish the Writer of the first 3 Episodes would be there. The story had reason, know it is just meh….

  • anon says:

    This Water he vomites, must be same type as in the Film The Abyss, where they use Water enriched with Oxygen to dive deeper for Human Lungs, to avoid implosion. So yeah, this Water he was Vomiting was Breathable Water for not destroying his Lungs. But he could not get all of it out of his Lungs, so the Girl sucked it out.. She know this Technology, she is smart…

  • algorithm says:

    Hopefully for them they’ll keep fighting above a heavy supply of water every single time.

  • FlameStrike says:

    x.x I’m not really seeing the issues haha. The writing isn’t top notch, but it’s passable, especially considering all the sheer garbage that’s floating around.

    I don’t see the problem with the Mars Kataphract’s weapon being haz two swords either. In this setting a Plasma Beam Katana is apparently pretty high tech and unique-ish, so just roll with it. I’m sure the other mech’s special thing will be HAZ A LAZOR, HAZ A LIGHTNING SHIELD, etc etc anyway.

    Inaho being all super tactical is indeed suspicious, but I’m willing to give a show a chance to explain it. As for the incompetent adult soldiers, keep in mind that they are not necessarily better trained just for being older. There are few veterans from the previous war 15 years ago, and the ones who did survive mostly just got stomped and are suffering PTSD (Look at Morito lol!). The current line of active soldiers has NO real combat experience in Mechs OR vs Martians. For all we know Inaho could be some cyborg or super solider thingy which puts him above the average joe. As for him not telling anyone else about the possibility of active armor working, there are a ton of explanations for that. Maybe he only thought of it just in time, or maybe there wasn’t enough mech-equipable active armor, or maybe he didn’t trust the mooks to be able to pull it off, and sacrificed them as distractions while he got ready, etc etc who knows? (My point is it’s not a complete plot hole)

    Well it all comes down to opinions. I do agree with you that the Mars emperor section had me baffled. First he’s portrayed as someone with brains willing to dig deeper into the truth, then he’s portrayed as some leming who’ll believe the first thing someone says to him? What was the point of having him do a 180 like that? If there’s no larger plan behind it (like he’s only pretending to go along with the Orbital Knights restarting the war because of X reason etc etc) then the above scene will have been a waste of time.

  • Yue says:

    Aroduc sure does get annoyed by Mr. Eggsterminator. ^^: