Terror of the Riddler! #04 — Bitcoin! Backdoor! Wget! 404!

July 31st, 2014


We know hackings!


I mentioned 90s hacking movies last Sunday and good god if this didn’t go right in on it. Look at me! I’m hacking the mainframe with a brute force command line attack to find the backdoor shell command! And with one wget, I instantly have control of everything! Of course, as usual, at the halfway point, it switched to the usual Riddler nonsense. But wait, the bomb this time was leaking information! Not about whatever dark shady corporation or conspiracy that hatched them, but about the investigation on them. Take that, Snowden! I can’t even fathom what their plan there was beside waving their l33t hacker dicks around. But this is apparently a world where YouNicoTube endorses bomb threats, everyone loves terrorists for reasons I can’t even begin to fathom, and a pair of cheap masks are enough to completely hide the identities of the two new students who joined the school right next door to the first bombing the day of it.

There was also the usual angsty girl nonsense, still hasn’t gone anywhere, still hasn’t connected to anything in the slightest, but she’s angsty so… they are the light in her life? Her horrible teenage life of… having a mentally disturbed mother that she avoids all the time to sit in corners feeling sorry for herself? Except no, they can’t trust her! Rarr! We’re dark and mysterious and angsty, even though we decided already to trust her. Also, she got to ride a motorcycle and that makes her smile to the wangst-rock song in the background. At least she’s not comparing them to the sun anymore.

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