Date a Live #14 — Electric Boogaloo

April 11th, 2014


Just like before, but even slower and with less effort!

I gave David’s JoJo a quick second (technically fourth) glance, but I can’t do it. I enjoy the western comics and associated media. I’ve seen Uncle Ben killed enough times to fill an entire meat locker, but that’s just it. There are the broad strokes that make the setting the setting and the characters the characters. The fun is in what the people behind it bring to the formula, the styles, the twists, the differences, and I just do not see the point, let alone what’s interesting, in rehashing a scene for scene, line for line, word for word adaptation multiple times. Here’s the OP though, I guess.


And speaking of rehashing, it’s an ill wind when the hook of the first episode is “Gonna be repeating the hell out of the first season!” See? Here’s all the characters doing the exact same things and the same anticlimactic antagonist too! Now with less animation and more obnoxious violins! Granted, the violins were because it was trying to pull a moronic imitation of melodrama, but as is oft the case, it was just pointing out that it was mimicking TV and then just went right ahead and mimicked away. No parody here. Even the TV melodrama lacked the silly excessiveness as something like Minami-ke(‘s decent season) did.  

Light novel sequel adaptations are a largely woeful bunch to begin with, and the first season of this was no great winner. Tohka was sort of cute at the start but then devolved into insecure and obnoxious. Same with the action. Since neither of those things were on any kind of display here and the only two hooks were shadowy guys talking about wizards and princesses and how special she was, and recycling Clockeye for another no-doubt disappointing round, dot dot dot pregnant pause and thought I don’t want to finish.

Maybe I’ll just play some random game and cover it like a show for Thursdays and Fridays. I’m open to thoughts.

Next Episode:

Tropical island already?

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jingoi says:

    Still sucks?
    *scroll down*
    yup, still sucks.
    this reminds me of Teletha Testarossa.

  • anon999 says:

    Ugh, the second season is much worse then the first.

  • Yue says:

    Oh come on guys, were you not entertained at least and got at least 5 laughs or 6 maybe?

    It’ll be fun watching the mc go nuts micro-managing several gorl’s satisfaction rating and avoid apocalypse. ^_~

  • Aninnymouse says:

    Aroduc gaming Thursdays and Fridays sounds like a good plan to me. It’d be a change of pace if nothing else.

  • algorithm says:

    Fucking ugh. Shit is even worse than last season filler episode. Not even mentionning the crap visuals. Also they somehow managed to make Tohka’s braindevastation even more severe and grating than before.

    Keep covering this, you deserve it.

    Also JoJo new opening is a disappointment.

  • Birdway says:

    Filler episode.

    Aroduc the first episode is the episode “2”.