Wizard Barristers #11 — The Perils of Summoning Satan

March 23rd, 2014


Has that ever worked out well for anybody?

The season preview will be up either tonight or tomorrow. Everything’s finished except for gathering and culling the promos, but there are so so many shows next season (there are almost 10 new shows about card games alone and I didn’t even want to mention at least 3 of them, leaving only half a dozen) that maybe it’s a sign that I don’t have the free time to be doing that (or at least for this season) and I should spend the time working on neglected translation projects. Or my real job. Both of which (well, technically all four of which) I’m behind where I want to be right now. Oi.


Well, that escalated quickly. And then kind of de-escalated just as fast. In the first half of the episode, the cop (who had just technically killed his fellow detective in the street, mind you), takes out the entire team of protagonists (sans Moyo who contributed nothing but hulking out on a roof) and drags her into the cult basement to awaken the long-tongued devil within. You’ve got to admire their dedication to complete realism as her froggy panties explode off her when her tail grows.

Shockingly, the plan to sacrifice the entire cult and then ask the devil to just give him her power didn’t work out. There was also quite a bit right after the ceremony when Gun-Haver was wielding his terrifying power where the animation just completely stopped. I have no idea what happened there at all, but it was what should have probably been a dramatic moment of Whose-His-Face getting shot and there was nothing whatsoever. After that, I was looking for other budget friendly moments, and oh the faces and the off-camera assists as we stare at a Ceci sitting there rock-still.

And then they had mecha-punchies time with the same ending as Iron Man plus some corny angel imagery because Ceci is so good and pure. One might even say shining, perhaps.

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    Holy crap. This episode was done entirely with PowerPoint.

  • Kitsu says:

    -No the lesbian scene
    Come on, Aroduc!

  • The Phantom says:

    2016 Spring Anime Preview, 80% of the shows will be YugiOh clones!, 10% another random toy, 10% Softcore Fanservice!

  • Baito Senshi says:

    The animation this episode was so non existent that was absolutely sure either my computer is acting up or the file I got was corrupted.

  • AGear2Ax says:

    Cecil is so “good” and “pure” that it almost looked like she use a diaper instead of normal underwear :P

  • jingoi says:


    Wow, what a coincidence. That insert about buying dvd/blu ray pops up at the nude scene

  • elior1 says:

    @aurdoc please do a review for episode 11 of saki becouse the demon unleashed again after long time http://i.imgur.com/vNfnafk.jpg

  • anon999 says:

    I can’t even believe this episode was made on a shoestring budget.

  • jingoi says:

    “Has that ever worked out well for anybody?”

    Well those guys who summoned Brook didn’t die, only had to give up their underwear (which “satan” didn’t want from the men).