Magical Warfare #12 — What a TWIST!

March 27th, 2014


Are you kidding me?


What a bloody mess. After the episodes of Blondie as the damsel in distress, they completely jettisoned her as a plot device until it was time to get someone stabbed and instead decided that this was going to be all about Doofus being angsty over fighting his brother. I thought we moved past this like… weeks ago. Not that that stopped him from immediately dropping his guard the moment Lizard said “Oh, I changed my mind. Again. Friends?” And since this is the season of horrible parents, it turns out that Mom was the true villain all along!

I don’t even have any idea how Blondie was out and wandering around anyway. I’m pretty sure the last time we saw her, she had ‘escaped’ right into the room of someone leering at her, and then she ends up wandering into the middle of an enormous battlefield that everyone just happened to get together at because… uh… that’s not explained either. And then Whose-Her-Face effortlessly chucks Blandy into the past along with his brother, one of them to grow up to maybe become Voldemort in the present-now-future-where-everyone-else-is. And this is how it ends. What the bloody hell.

Next Episode:

Setting the inane ending aside, this’ll end up in the same category as Tokyo Ravens and Noragami, a mildly inoffensive action show (barring a couple atrocious early episodes) that will be deservedly forgotten within a month. I guess its distinguishing feature from the other two is characters that needed a few more hard smacks across their noseless chops. The lead had the personality of a soggy wafer, the supporting cast was either largely extraneous or extremely inconsistent in characterization, and the antagonists were all over the place, both comically tie-the-girlfriend-to-the-train-tracks evil and attempting to tempt the protagonist to the dark side by claiming they were justified because of this one thing happened to some guy a while ago. It tried to have its cake and eat it too with both some big wizard faction battle and the more personal “save the brother/girlfriend from my evil brother/brother” plots, but the two barely were mostly tangential to each other and the whole Slytherin side of things may as well have not existed at all except to serve as a distraction from the already poorly handled characters.

The action is probably where the show was at its dubious best. About half the fight scenes were decent enough magical bouts with choreography and budget to back them, the former trait being something a lot of ‘action’ shows this season were distinctly lacking. The other half were nightmarish expositional feats of stupidity where characters stood across the room and rule lawyered at each other for five minutes before one side left in victory… and then half the time, the other one left in defeat right after. That’s not enough to make the show worth watching, especially with some of the genuinely horrible episodes that were there purely to pad out the length, but there were a few glimmers of a decent show that came by every three weeks or so. Mostly when everybody shut the hell up and tried to hit each other with fireballs or ridiculously oversized weaponry. I’m a man of simple tastes. .

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13 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    Everything in this show was rushed, never properly explained and dropped fast for more rushed half baked crap.

    They wasted too much time on the same things over and over and ran out of time to do anything with the plot, at the end nothing makes sense and on top of it they drop this retarded ending, What the hell was this show about?

  • anise_punter says:

    Feel like there was an episode between this one and last week’s that they just completely forgot to air.

  • golifr4u says:

    How did the girl escape? Where did she go? Who was that random man? How was hwr power in anyway usefully in battle? How did the trailers and what ever the other group was call came togethwr at the same time? Why did takeshi actually believe gekkou when he said he doesn’t know what to do? Why did the blonde jump infront of him instead of just push her? What was the pount of sending them to the past? What happens afterwards? All these and many many more questions will never be explained their for this was a terrible ending. Hope you enjoy cause I sure didn’t.

    • kenuran says:

      Supposedly the storyboarders who worked on this episode had a tough time with it cause there was a lack or communication with the writers or something like that and they just said ‘fuck it’ it and just made the episode take place much further along in the story after ep 11 just so they can have a point to end the anime on.

      Basically, they the staff just stop caring.

  • algorithm says:

    “Next Episode”

    You’re one terrible tsundere.

  • don't get it says:

    Can somebody answer what actually happened with the brother and why the bady had blondies picture and calling her mom

    • Anonymous says:

      from my research this is my best guess:
      The mom wanted to kill the brother because she had met him in the past and saw how bad he was. She probably waited until he was older because she hoped she was wrong but then realized she was right.

      The brothers hung out inb the past gekkou tried to convice the guy to start the war and the main character(MC) tried to convince him not to. Then gekkou ends up inside the guys body and starts the war and then somehow the MC enters the guys body forces him to sleep for so long then wakes up when its time and heals his mom and stuff.
      This also explains how the girl got out of the castle the MC awakened in the guys body would have let her go to do what she needs to do because he knows she must get stabbed or history will be off.

  • Wtf says:

    I liked the first….. Hour of watching this. So much isn’t explained and frankly I feel like looking up an episode 13 because the ending of 12 is more like the BUILD for the ending! not the end itself.
    Why the hell does sending them back in time make sense or even help? He had it under control! And even more i feel like half the show wasn’t explained. The only thing good about this fucked up ending is that the show stopped!

  • Wtf says:

    Wait it took me like a week but I figured out the ending! This may sound strange but…..well
    Gekkou was sent farther back in time because the caster wanted the fighting to stop, Basically he was sent like a week earlier to ensure takeshi was safe, and he had taken over kazumas body to ensure that the war would happen but he was stopped by takeshi AFTER Gekkou had used the body to state this so called dream. Takeshi then told one one person high within the ranks what had happened and what will happen, V. V had sworn to takeshi to do exactly as he explained. Takeshi also fully in control of kazumas body because of Gekkou, willingly loses the warso he would be put back to sleep until his time. Supporting details that back this up are 1 kazuma had the photo of isoshima, 2 when isoshima was in the dungeon he helped her out, and explained what she had to do to keep takeshi from being sent to the future, hence what she was trying to tell him in the last episode, and 3 kazuma, this evil guy that said that magicians should rule, never did anything evil himself after waking up. Think about that!

  • Alex says:

    I think it was a good anime it just left a lot of mouths open at the end
    Hopefully we get a second season it’s too early
    For it but I’m sure it will happen

  • -sigh- says:

    The anime wasnt bad, just fast paced due to the information they were trying to get out. Nowadays if the MC isn’t strong to begin with people get angry and drop the anime. Not everyone can be a beast as soon as they appear, training is actually necessary. You can’t expect every mc to have just the best personality in the world. I like the characters and the feelings they have for one another. They’re just confused teens after all. Almost every episode left you thinking or a mystery and isn’t that cool? I think if there was to be a second season it would be good as it may answer all our questions and bring satisfaction.