Tokyo Ravens #18 — For Love of Dick

February 11th, 2014


I take from these episodes what I feel like.


An episode of two halves, both uninteresting. The first was all about Huffy McSpiralHair, and I choose to ignore all the angst over being lied to or having it hid from her or whatever and believe that she’s just really, really into the dick. It rounds out her character much better than the pathetic boring truth of just insecurity, flashbacks, and a whole lot of nothing. Which is bloody continuing on beyond this episode into a damned fireworks display for maximum triteness.

The second half was back to random people having random disappointing fights and the even better part, a one legged man talking to a magical midget dressed like a ventriloquist’s dummy. I honestly couldn’t have even told you if I should have recognized most of the ones in the ‘fight’ either… perhaps not any of them. There was the mop-headed guy with no eyes, I guess. He was in the office during last week’s reorg, but even he didn’t show up until the end of it. But at least they showed the woman’s tits jiggle when she cast a spell. A+ episode.  

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Taco says:

    I agree with you on the first half, and the show could certainly use a lot less friend-drama, but then I lose you.

    The fight was animated poorly, but it wasn’t at all random – it progressed the plot in the logical direction. Amami is now out of the way, so the bad guys are stealing the raven coat so they can turn Natsume into Yakou. This is what they have been talking about all season.

    Although the three Tsuchimikado characters in the fight were all new, they pretty explicitly spelled out who everyone was (Natsume’s Father and Harutora’s Parents).

    • hk47 says:

      it is obvious that Harutora is the real Yakou

      • Bleep says:

        Arerere? (- – )>
        He’s just Natsume’s familiar.
        He couldn’t even see spirits before becoming one and he isn’t even in the main family’s bloodline