Magical Warfare #05 — Invulnerable Shrubbery

February 6th, 2014


Apparently my price is wall-crawling heavy ordnance.

This began with a magical obstacle course featuring spider mini-guns. I guess that means it wins my attention for this week in the Thursday Craplympics and given the preview for next week, likely the rest of the season.


Of course, since Japan hates doing anything amusing, they decided it was best to just cut over that. They didn’t even put anything on the rhino either. Not even a bayonet. Although the whole obstacle course slash test slash whatever thing felt pretty badly compressed all around. I didn’t exactly want to see more of it if all they were going to do is fight some generic golem before everyone went home, but they could have easily made a full episode, or even two, about coming across the old antagonist and fighting the new ones, even if by proxy. I’m not even sure I understand why they were stymied by what appeared to be a regular hedge mage. One of them accidentally put himself halfway through it. The montage had them trying to cheat through it. But actually using the giant hedgetrimmer and fire magic was verboten? Whatever.

Instead though, they just kind of cruise past them to make time for the angsty brother, misunderstandings, and… whatever you want to call sticking a nose-less face into cleavage. I think that was supposed to pass for comic relief, but I just feel bad for both the lack of nose and the cleavage. You’d also think after an entire episode about how nearly every male gives Whose-Her-Face the heeby-jeebies, a particularly overbearing one making sexual advances on her would not be the way to very transparently turn the already flimsy love square into an even more haphazard love pentagon.

But at least it was something to comment on. Something I cannot say as I sit here writing, seven minutes into Sakura Trick playing at the side. A whole episode of the prude sister? Ugh.

Next Episode:

Upside down flying people fighting.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anon999 says:

    This anime seems to be getting more ridiculous as it goes on.

  • The Phantom says:

    Yea it could be worse, like Chuunibyou and its napping contest episode… dumbest shit ever.

  • Benigmatica says:

    Okay, what happened to Sakura Trick? Are you dropping that too?