KSG #08 — Koto Gets Her Groove Back

December 4th, 2013


…Multiple times.


It’s a step in the right direction… I guess. At least as far as providing direction at any rate. I wasn’t buying the attempts to be emotional for emotive’s sake, but I wouldn’t say a dry lecture and angsty traumatic shock fit over it are what I was hoping for either. Aaand the antagonist is sort of pulled not quite from the ass, but definitely somewhere verging heavily assward since I think the last time he was around was for about three minutes in episode 2. Not nearly a quick enough step either as pretty much the entire first third was just angsty time before Koto spontaneously just got up, shouted, and then it was time to do something. And by do something, I mean listen to an infodump. And then some more infodumping. And in case you weren’t tired of that, more infodumping. The best part was when they added speedlines to it for a few seconds.

So we reach the last quarter or so of the episode where everything boils down to "and now we must kung-fu fight," a sentiment that I feel they could have reached in about a twentieth the time and a fiftieth the preening. And it’s pretty much because everything must be destroyed… and it’s all Koto’s fault! What is it about Japanese protagonists who instantly not only believe, accept, angst over, and in this case, have some kind of operatic vision of a bloody apocalypse, from everything an antagonist says at face value? And ye gods. It was only about 10 minutes and one infodump ago that she overcame her original angst. Perhaps we could have spaced this out a little better, eh?

Next Episode:

Wrecking the magic world with stuff.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • kenuran says:

    There was a Blood Lad ova that came out. You gonna watch it?

  • mrmin123 says:

    Felt like there was around 200 frames of animation in this entire episode.