Freezing #22 — Sad Girls in Snow

December 6th, 2013


At least they finished two of the dumb things.


It continues to split its time between the various fights, so I’ll continue to split the little caring I have. No doubt they thought to themselves "Three fights! That’ll be three times as exciting!" Somewhere along the way forgetting that the point of the fights to begin with was just to occupy the other person’s time briefly. That has already been accomplished for all of them, and yet we cannot move on, even to the point of getting sucked into maudlin, violinful flashbacks of sad waifs crying in snow. The show has neither the budget to make the fights interesting in and of themselves nor the wanton bloodlust that the first season had to at least fulfill that particular lust. I blame the lack of Ganessa and ridiculous over the top bullying. And any kind of serious antagonist. 

At least they finally remembered to splatter someone’s face against the ground, but far too little, too late, and followed up by entirely too much posing and yapping at each other, especially for Liz and Headphones. Ye lords, that was insufferably yappy for how little either of them actually did.

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One Lonely Comment

  • The Phantom says:

    Whats the point in this kind of show? why not watch porn/hentai directly instead of this softporn-wanna-be with no plot?.

    You have a thing for this kind of show don’t you?