Cash 4 Giga #10 — What Is Love?

December 18th, 2013


Honestly, I think I'd have preferred the song.


Oh. Okay. I guess being an unhinged demiurge and mindraping your daughter is, I don't know, family. I know around Thanksgiving, we always get into big arguments about who's been mindraping who, but then there's some dry turkey and who can remember who was a megalomaniac with a stabbing fetish out to destroy worlds for the greater good to music boxes? That's how you can tell it was extra emotional too. Music boxes are cruise control for… being evocative or something?

Hell if I even know. Or was it care? I'm not sure it matters. I was too busy laughing at the platonic ULTRA HANDSHAKE of fireworks, swelling violins, and world genesis. I'm also fairly certain that was also a metaphor for sex, especially involving a trio of strange talking animals to exposit further at them. Because when you're down and out, and have no idea what's going on anymore, why not some random talking animals that are also their grandparents or something? And then they went on a hyperspace journey through the gallery of memories talking about their feelings while the OP blared because subtlety's for losers. Luckily, the dog was there too, integral part of the family and story that it is.

At least someone got headbutted.

There's a recap #10.5 episode next week. I do not care to participate in that.

Final Thoughts:

This was a show in dire need of purpose, although at the same time, it clearly didn't know what to do when it found it either. I enjoyed it when it was energetic and screwing around with its colorful setting and style, but so many of the episodes are just random purposeless flashbacks attempting to be emotional for the sake of emotion. Moody people sitting around having memories because it's kinda cloudy… or they're tired… or the sheer ennui of life just forces them to. To its credit, they weren't completely inept at it, but whenever the question of "Why should we care" or "What is the story here" came up for the start especially, the answer was some combination of "more violins and music boxes!" "more scenery bloom!" or "they miss mommy." That's a motivation or starting point maybe but shouldn't have attempted to be the actual meat of the show. And especially not when half of them (plus mommy!) pretty much just up and disappeared for the entire ending series of events. Heck, with half the show gone, about as far as we got with all the characters was minor abandonment issues with a parental figure. Repeated four times over. An entire movie's length of flashbacks just about being melancholy.

And then the last few episodes got increasingly bizarre in the even more boring way, mostly done through info dump after info dump and characters just flat out announcing to each other and/or the camera their thoughts, feelings, and plans, at mind-boggling length. They were already doing that more than enough through the show, but it got to absurd two-minute-pan levels. They're not Jedi, so that's not going to evoke my emotions. Unless boredom is an emotion in which case they're Grand Masters.

It had a few moments, but too much speech giving in place of doing anything, and too much of the first… two thirds I guess really… spent on characters just lounging around thinking about the past. After the first episode, I was hoping for destructive fun and adventure in an expressive, whimsical world. Instead, I got a whole whole lot of moodiness.

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