Yozakura Quartet #08 — Evolution

November 24th, 2013




Talking heads episode pretty much, which watching almost the first thing after I wake up always puts me in a bit of a daze. Or maybe it’s just the complete lack of purpose and glacial pacing. I’ve enjoyed many procedurals, Japan. I can deal with lots of talking, but only if there’s reason, purpose, and pacing to it, not a bunch of teenagers wandering around the city for stamps and giggles for twenty minutes, perhaps stumbling into something that maybe will be important later, maybe not, we’re not saying. At least make them take their tops off for beads instead of this stamp nonsense. The only thing of note this week was that Kotoha now seems to be the one to have the camera uncomfortably shoved into her crotch while Hime’s taken over the role of balancing crap on her head, because apparently we still do need two girls doing it. I don’t understand Japanese fetishes. Well, besides their continued sexualization of the mervamp sisters. Someone on the staff is clearly getting a bit obsessed with them though.


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  • anise_punter says:

    Hime is still the best one by far, image 31 merely reinforces it.