Kyousougiga #05 — Not the Dog’s Episode

November 6th, 2013


Where’s the damn hammer?


And here I thought that perhaps we’d be able to move forward now that everyone had their angsty past episode. Well, actually, I thought "You know, we’ve had an episode for just about everybody in the OP collection except the dog," and then I couldn’t stop thinking to myself "The dog’s time has come!" every time it was in the episode. That added some badly needed levity and amusement to what was otherwise yet another angsty episode. This time about Myoue Junior killing himself as a kid when his original family was eaten by the fire and murder monsters of angsty backstory. Or maybe it was a trick seppuku knife. I hear those were a laugh riot during the Sengoku era.

The fun I’ve had continues to be in spite of this show’s attempts to touch my emotions. It’s not as horrible at it as most, but I’ll take a single giant magical hammer or PZP hunt over a thousand of these "something happened in the past long ago and I’m still all emotional over it." Even just bring it to the damn present and I might be able to get on board. Hell. Just bloody frame it as current events instead of memory vignettes. All they did was go on a little moped ride, walk around a field, and reminisce. Define your characters by what they do, damn it. Not by "standing in sunsets, remembering things, and yapping." There’s no shortage of over-bloomy sunsets and CGI wheat in the anime world. Let’s try something a little different.

And why do I keep saying vignettes lately anyway?

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The second OVA.

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One Lonely Comment

  • CTT says:

    The OVA version of this episode had a much happier ending. Myoue actually smiled