KSG #06 — Full of Juice

November 20th, 2013


Boy, am I sick of immortality this season.


Oh boy. Right back into the flashback where they apparently didn’t just revive Mini-Myoue, but turned him immortal filled him full of pomegranite. Seriously. What is with this season and immortal characters? And it all brings us right back to the end of the first episode but now knowing that nearly the entire cast spends every day sitting around thinking about the past. Be still my beating heart. I’m just happy we didn’t watch the recycled scene from the end of the first episode in its entirety. It sure adds a lot to it knowing that the characters are saaaaaaaaad.

But regardless, I continue to find it exceptionally difficult to give a rat’s ass about them sitting around being emotional. That’s it. Just "feel emotions for them." Forget any attempts to do anything but quite likely smoke up (or get high on tea) and stare at the bloomy scenery while having memories. Just sit there and emote. Are you emoteed yet? No? Have another montage of children running around the house. So honestly, the thing I liked the most about this episode was the preview for next week since it seemed to entirely be Whitey-Koto in the present and/or robots exploding and/or people looking unhinged. Maybe that means the characters can actually begin doing bloody anything.

Next Episode:


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