Valvrave #13 — Haruto’s Emo. Again.

October 10th, 2013


What a twist to start this season off with.

The episode was leaked early on a Chinese streaming site, proving that Crunchyroll and ANN don’t have a monopoly on screwing this stuff up.


Kind of a crappy episode, even by Valvrave standards, and those standards are already "spend 16 minutes making me want to throttle the characters, 3 minutes doing utterly insane nonsense, and 2 minutes rolling on the AD&D table for random events to end the episode." They apparently skipped those last two things this week to make time for Haruto to be sad. I’d also think that raping someone would rate a little bit higher on Haruto’s list of sins, but I guess it only comes in third after biting two guys. Or maybe it was just kicking off with reminding of us the introduction of space wizards and saying "as long as we’re here, we might as well make them space wizard vampires." Granted, not much of a step, at least as far as this show is concerned, but still.

Anyway, a lot of it was kind of just resetting the setting and then Haruto angsting it up and not wanting to hurt anybody anymore for… the sixth time? It started losing its bite sometime after the third time that he made up his mind to fight again and went out to decimate entire navies. Also, all the robots are apparently powered by him biting people. Or his will to fight? I’m sure if you asked the writers six months ago, you’d probably have gotten a completely different answer. 

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • kowwe says:

    It’s funny that that kiddie gunpla series had more budget than this CG infested crap.

  • Chevalier says:

    It was a pretty alright episode, which resolved the cliffhanger, answered some questions and gave us robot fights, but then again you always have such strange opinions about this show. Not surprised you complained, but I liked it.

    • Aroduc says:

      Should I look forward to you posting every each week again that I do not get the show, it’s not meant to be taken seriously, and that I don’t understand the depth of teenage angst?

    • UltimaLuminaire says:

      Chevalier critical thinking 2strong. Plz nerf.

  • Chevalier says:

    Also, it’s funny you claim the writers changed their mind over anything, when they used almost every dialogue quote from the early previews.

  • Fate says:

    Teenage angst is a deep deep well. It is likely you can’t see the bottom.

  • algorithm says:

    That was kinda alright. Until the timeskip and becoming the symbol of all the retardation in this show. Again.