Kyousougiga #03 — The One-Button PZP

October 23rd, 2013


Maybe it was made by Addle.


I think i enjoyed the five minutes of Shouko’s search for her remote control more than the… uh… 50ish minutes so far (and counting!) of assorted backstory, but most particularly not Hoverboy, who ate up an inordinate amount of this episode in both future and past forms. I know I’ve said it to death, but talking about things is never going to trump doing things, and nothing symbolizes the boredom of the former quite as well as a squat little frog-man rambling on in his hover-saucer. At least jangle some keys so it pretends like you don’t want me to just nap through whatever nonsense you’re going on about. Or do some comedy in the background like Shouko’s mafia troupe. They know what they’re good for and what the strengths of a colorful fantasy world is. And it’s not motionless hoverfrogmen. Hopefully Yase will just flat out eat someone next week or something. She seems like the most amusing of the three siblings and the final of the major characters they apparently feel obligated to have an episode each centering around to the exclusion of the rest.

Next Episode:


Yase episode.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Nope, obviously it was made by zony

  • Tomas Maxwell says:

    You’re not stuck your ridiculous titles. Eres un pendejo assoduc