Freezing #16 — Sweaters

October 25th, 2013


So much classier.


Landmark episode. Kazuya showed up for about a second and a half and didn’t even have a line. Hell, there was some random grunt male that popped up out of nowhere and disappeared again just as quickly that was used instead of him. I also had to go back and check my post on the last episode because that… uh… flashback, I guess… made me feel like I had completely missed. I won’t deny that it happens, as I get distracted and/or doze off easily, but no. Apparently this one’s on them. Maybe they ran out of time last week.

About as action packed as this show is likely going to get though. Not horrible, but certainly could use less "add random adjectives to a dash and shout in surprise." Still as excessively speedlined as ever, but at least someone’s arm got cut off and then… stabbed, I think? The end to the fight was just weird. It’s not like the show to shy away from low amounts of gore, especially with the broadcast on AT-X (although unlike last season, this one is airing a lot closer to primetimeish), but it wasn’t even clear that after being tackled and twisting in mid air to avoid eye lasers (all in the same jump no less!) that she even meant to stab her instead of just landing blades down. Besides, purposefully stabbing people in the eye was how characters said hello last season. You can’t go backward. The stabber was also looking just as freaked out by doing it, although that may have just as well been having her headphones melted. Then they immediately flashbacked through it and showed the exact same thing, clarifying absolutely nothing.

I feel like it also bears noting that almost every one of them, but Elizabeth in particular, looks so much better dressed normally instead of wandering around with their nipples out. Let’s have more tight sweaters. Less naked pool time.

Next Episode:

Liz with the dead eyes.

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