Somethings of the Going Somewheres Club #10 — Botan’s Emasculation Party

September 26th, 2013


And not a single bear? Pathetic.

Season preview will be up either tonight or more likely tomorrow immediately after Crowdssu. It’s done except for putting together all the promos and all that jazz, which is less of a labor intensive process and more a test of my bandwidth and laptop’s ability to slowly encode far too many videos.


Come on, guys. Multiple parts involving Botan shaming males physically, as well as a mass urination incident, and that’s all we can put her up against? Regular teenagers? Have we forgotten that we began with her menacing bears? Why was she not sparring against, say… a set of racist stereotypes straight out of Punch Out or Street Fighter? Or the soccer team the usual collection of random gimmicks as in every sports show ever? Although I think the 35 second long ghost stories segment in the middle may win some kind of award for… padding? Segment not long enough to even fill a two minute show? And then I missed even that because they began talking about offsides and offside traps, as if soccer wasn’t boring enough already without trying to be witty about the rules. They still managed to somehow trump that with a relay race montage of stills though, so I should probably count my blessings the episode didn’t go on any longer.

I guess there was the first third too, but I think I’ve made my dislike for when shows try to be self-referential and pass it off as parody well enough known. Why yes, those are twin tails, and you know that they’re associated with tsundere characters. You and fifty thousand other shows. Let’s just go back to Calvinball Shiritori and/or punching bears in their bear penises. 


Next Episode:

Distinct lack of bears.

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