Home of the Club Stories Going #09 — Wherein Botan Doesn’t Fight a Yeti

September 12th, 2013


But does rub weiners.

Once again, for reasons unfathomable, this cheap-ass little show will be off next week.


Wow, was this episode bland. I mean, it’s usually distinctly saltine, but this one was reaching for new heights of blandness. I think they realized that making this episode too. There were even more quick switches between settings and random ‘jokes’ to ramble about, almost like they were embarrassed to spend any more time on them. I also appreciated how they didn’t draw a single other person during the entire pool scene. Or even any scenery. They’re just sitting at a table in the middle of a giant wide open space. There are clearly people there. There are stalls open. They got food from them. Yet nobody else in the world exists. Not even any other chairs, tables, or furniture. Just a great wide open space. Maybe it’s secretly a post-apocalyptic world after all with no survivors but themselves (and bears) and they can never go home. What a twist!

Perhaps this was a damage control episode, handed down on high from the producers that they needed to cover the content and just shoved it all in one spot. I’m also not certain, but I feel like we’ve seen the exact constellation bit before too with some other random set of things. Rorschach tests or something. Maybe it was another show entirely. My memory of previous episodes of this show is already hazy at best. Clearly my attempt to go with the Thursday comedy that annoyed me the least in its opening episodes did not work could have gone better. 

Next Episode:

Pink ranger.

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  • mango says:

    To be fair, Claire does say the place was reserved by her family. That may be why there seem to be no people, yet the place is fully operational…