Pointless Fanservice Filler Post – The Sequel

July 24th, 2013


This month has been the opposite of productive.

Not a great way to start off the new season of trying to find crap to fill in the time between Monday and Wednesday. I’m blaming my new computer and not having anything reinstalled really yet on it. I tried to write something up on Circus’s Valkyrie Complex, knowing just how horrible it was and thinking it a fertile ground for crackpot theories and simple summarization like Hanakoi was with a gameplay engine that would at least be worth five minutes of enjoyment, but unfortunately, it’s of that manner of terrible that is just horrendously boring and tedious, so wringing any enjoyment even from yelling at it angrily would be as fulfilling as punching a bag of porridge. I don’t even know why Circus decided to try its hand with actual games in the last five years or so. They’re all horrible and they keep leaping between genres, never learning or refining a damn thing, although I guess they put out a second RPGaku¥, so Christmas came early after all. 

There are probably Prism Ark, Corona, and Demonion posts coming eventually, and maybe even a Material Brave Ignition one just so I can sink my teeth in and really shake after they trampled over my beloved Duel Savior’s engine (multiple times even, if you include Otome Crisis), as well as Comiket stuff, although I’ve been sort of tuning out of that for a while now. Yeah, I know the new Touhou demo’s out. I passed it by with a disaffected wave of my hand and went back to grappling with everything Seinarukana. Ye lords, that game. If you wrote out a list of all the remaining issues, it’d end up on a scroll that comically unfurls as it rolls across the floor. Romanesque, meanwhile, might have enough left to fill a post-it note… if you wrote with a magic marker.

For now, just have some fanservice pictures I threw together from about 30 minutes of combing over Pixiv to fill the time. Back to work. 


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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • nightshadow2239 says:

    *Begins list*…

    Check back 1 year later if I remember.

  • anise_punter says:

    Aroduc’s fanservice of choice is who?

  • Durandal says:

    Well, if you are that desperate, why not give The World God Only Knows Season 3 a chance?

    If you were worried about the insert songs, you might be glad to hear that the idol was stabbed at the end of ep 1 and it looks like she will remain comatose for most if not all of the season.

    Eps 2 & 3 have not had any insert songs, unless you count the TV background noise while Keima and Haqua were dinning the brains of a 3-eyed boar:


  • Yue says:

    sad there’s no Neptunia…